Daily Bullets (Mar. 24): Highest Paid Pro Pokes, 2020 Hoops Class Breakdown

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Just remember, it’s not about you. Bullets Rundown • Where the 2020 hoops class stands • Financial questions for college sports (from the virus) • NCAA has the Pokes in their preseason top-15 OSU Bullets • I appreciated this exhaustive take on where things stand with the 2020 Cowboy Basketball recruiting class. A breakdown of the current scholarship situation looks like this: the NCAA allows 13 scholarship players per year. The Cowboys had 11 this past season, meaning they still had two remaining. The loss of four scholarship seniors, Cameron McGriff, Lindy Waters III, Thomas Dziagwa and Jonathan Laurent, means that OSU has six scholarships to give. Mike Boynton and Co. signed three guys back in November, No. 1 Cade Cunningham, No. 94 Rondel Walker and No. 313 Montreal Pena. Fast forward a few months, and they received a commitment from another four-star, this time No. 57 Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe. So, they have two scholarships remaining. The two guys that Mike Boynton and Co. are targeting are guard Donovan Williams and forward JT Thor. [Pokes Report] Williams gives you long-term depth on the wing but Thor gives you a high-octane pick-and-roll mate for a year with Cunningham… but you have to…

Love that golf graphic. Shows Holder could do a little recruitin’ and coachin’ em up back in the day. If you really want to be impressed throw up the AD financial for that time period.

Best case scenario is this team goes 9-4 and finishes ranked between 20 and 25.