Daily Bullets (Mar. 25): Coaching Candidate Lands Elsewhere, Recapping a Solid OSU Weekend

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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. Scores Baseball: Cowboys 6, TCU 3Women’s Tennis: Cowgirls 4, OU 1 OSU Bullets • Tulsa World reports the coaching search in Stillwater is a ‘mess’ as West Virginia reportedly is set to hire one of the top candidates – Pokes Report weighed in late last week stumping for Utah State coach Danny Sprinkle • Weekend Recap– Daton Fix and Dustin Plott grab silver medals, day three of the NCAAs wrapped up for the Cowboys, the Pokes finished in tenth place (PFB + X)– Cowgirl Softball took the weekend series over BYU (PFB)– Pokes took the series from a ranked TCU team after winning yesterday (PFB) • Deeper cut but still good – which freshman or sophomore has the best chance to break out on this Cowboy Football team? (247 Sports) think(s) freshman safety Landyn Cleveland has the chance to see the field plenty. He comes in with good size and speed, and understands Nardo’s defense. As Kendal Daniels plays more in that linebacker/safety/rover role, I could see Cleveland rotating withTrey Rucker and Lyrik Rawls. [GoPokes 247 $$$] • Five Thoughts on OSU’s 2023-24 Wrestling Season (PFB) • Both Rickie Fowler…

So summary/thoughts:
1: Devries to WVU
2: Sprinkle prob going to Washington
3. Indiana St coach prob going to SLU
4. Bryce Drew: after watching game yesterday, it seems like total chaos/street ball. Just tried to out-athlete the other team. Feel we need a better offensive game plan. Not a top choice for me.
5. Don’t think it is going to be a power 5 coach or we would have already made a hire (not any out there that really interest me based on results or cost
6. Lutz Western Kentucky: This guy interest me. HC for 3 years and has gone to tournament every year w/ different levels of talent. Great pedigree as an assistant for years at Creighton and Purdue
7. Ben Mccollum: Yes he is only D2. Yes he looks like Hunter Biden. BUT all he does is win. I personally would be thrilled w/ him at OSU. D2 has constant turnover w/ guys moving up and down so he is acustomed to team rebuilding.
8. Will Wade: Dude wins everywhere. NCAA hates us anyways and what he did is legal now.
9. Gottlieb: He LOVES osu and there is something to be said for that. He would have to have an unbelievable coaching staff. He has said before that he would model his coaching style after Jay Wright. His access to other coaches would be great. The longer this goes, the more he becomes a true candidate.
10. Old OSU guys Lucas, Keller, etc: Not what I think we are looking
11. Weiberg needs to get on the ball or there wasn’t a need to pay the extra dollars to fire Boynton quickly (although I think that figure was significantly adjusted)

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Sprinkle off the board now. Starting to think we might be screwed.

Chad’s 1st big hire and so far he appears to be over his skis.
This bodes well for the future :roll_eyes:

No money in this school period. It’s all about the money plain and simple. Think we have the least amount of money in the conference. Osu siting on the corner with our hat held out saying anything helps. Man has this school just been miss managing their money for years or what. It’s not going to football obviously.