Daily Bullets (Mar. 7): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Big 12 Expansion Ideas Bubbling?

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Pokes wrap up their season today in Austin at 3pm – kind of crazy how beating the Sooners this week saved Shaka Smart’s job. Bullets Rundown • Big 12 expansion ideas bubbling • Bryce Thompson chatter • NBA moving season? Scores • BB: Pokes 6, BYU 1 • SB: Cowgirls 15, Mo State 1 and Cowgirls 7, Murray State 3 • WT: Cowgirls 4, Texas Tech 1 3 Ideas • Love this one: the Big 12 needs to cherrypick teams from the Pac-12. Between now and when the Pac-12’s media rights deal — and accompanying Grant of Rights agreement — runs out in spring 2024, the Big 12 needs to invite USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Arizona State. The Big 12 needs to do to the Pac-12 what the Pac-12 tried to do 10 years ago to the Big 12. It needs to do it unapologetically. If we learned anything from the previous rounds of conference realignment, this is a kill-or-be-killed business. [The Athletic $$$] This makes absolute sense. In what world would the Pac-12 not do the same thing to the Big 12 (again)? • This one is really fun as long as you guard your heart in…

If the Big XII we’re to raid the Pac 12 to expand (which I don’t think will happen), I would take Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Washington, and have West Virginia exit the Big XII. No disrespect to the Mountaineers, but having a conference that stretches from coast to coast would be taxing financially due to amount of travel for all the sports, especially non-revenue sports.

It seems that logically getting the 4 Mountain Time schools would be no brainer 1st (Utah. CO. AZ) … then, leverage that ‘get’ to see which other state (WA-OR-CA) wants into the now more attractive B12 the most :sunglasses:

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If we raid the P12 I think we can leverage that to pull a team or two away from the ACC. I’d take Pitt to pair with WV. You know Mack Brown would love a shot at playing Texas too not to mention UNC’s bb.
I kinda want the b12 to stretch across the USA. But having a more east and west division.

Go big XVI grab USC, UCLA, Zona, ASU, Colorado, and Utah. Maybe talk to BYU and Stanford and go Big XVIII. Make sure there are even numbers of Texas and CA schools to give all the schools exposure in all locations.