Daily Bullets (May 15): To Play or Not To Play Michigan, OSU's Incredible 2011... Defense

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Happy Collin Oliver-decision day! Come back to PFB after his 2pm decision or watch his Twitter account. OSU Bullets • Riddle me this – is it more of a win or a loss for OSU to play Michigan this fall?  Selling (playing Michigan to) Mike Gundy and Co. might be different. Getting Michigan to Stillwater would be great exposure for the Cowboys, but the game almost surely would be played without fans. That lessens the marketing boost for OSU. And playing Michigan is a far greater risk for a defeat than playing Oregon State. [NewsOK] Put differently: if there are no fans, the benefit of selling more tickets and playing a premium opponent at home is minimized… but the risk of putting another L on the record is increased. Also – it might feel nice to beat the team that signed Dax Hill. • The 2011 OSU defense was highlighted for a quality that might surprise – giving up nearly 25 points a game. The resume won’t blow anyone away at first blush, they gave up 26.7 ppg in…

I like the idea of playing Michigan. The possibility of playing with no fans makes Stillwater an equal venue. The 107,000 fans in Ann Arbor compared to the 60,000 in Stilly would not be an issue.

If you read the responses to the Texas post it hilarious how many people missed the joke.