Daily Bullets (Nov. 15): It's Bedlam Week

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I just don’t understand what can make you feel good about Bedlam this hip coming week. Besides the defense, what exactly is it that gives you confidence in an OSU win? Because here’s what I see:

  1. An OL that can’t hold a block longer than 1 second (I’m pretty sure the local OL in the high school here could hold blocks longer against the same college athletes).

  2. Chuba Hubbard has looked pretty average this season with the exception of one game (Iowa State). Seems almost as if he’s more worried about the image of Gundy and the OAN shirt in his head rather than a potential future making millions in the NFL.

  3. We have a QB that no matter how many times he may turn the ball over Gundy will not pull him. He’s been practicing with D-1 athletes for three years and still looks like a true freshman on the field.

  4. We have one of the worst red zone offenses in the country when it comes to scoring touchdowns. It’s almost like we are settling for field goals and calling it “good enough”.

  5. Our coach is 2-13 against OU and even as a favorite in the series he holds a 1-3 record against them. He finds just about every way imaginable to lose this game. He did it as a player, and now he’s doing it as a coach.

  6. Besides the field goal kicking our special teams has been pretty undisciplined the past couple of games.

  7. Nobody outside of Wallace or Stoner has really shown the ability to be a “go-to” guy in the receiving game.

  8. We don’t use Jelani Woods as much as we probably should. We haven’t all season, and I doubt the coaching staff starts doing it now. Amazes me how you have a 6’7 258 pound target over the middle and he rarely gets the ball thrown his way.

  9. The offense has been inconsistent as a whole the entire year. It’s either move the ball down field at a fast rate and risk multiple turnovers, or get the ball past the 50 and MAYBE into field goal range without risking a turnover at all.

It’s like we are forced to have one or the other. Nobody is asking them to be a top 10 offense. They would be just fine with a top 30 offense.

  1. Last but not least, OU has the better coaches and quite frankly better athletes. The only way OSU wins this game is if Gundy gets creative in some way (which I doubt happens). The OU gameplan will probably be to put pressure on Sanders and contain the run because they know he is turnover prone. OU doesn’t have to have the better defense in this game. I’m sure by the end of the game they’ll prove to have the better offense (because their coach likes touchdowns and not field goals).