Daily Bullets (Nov. 19): Fun Numbers About OSU Football

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It’s hard to stay calm knowing there’s a 7 p.m. primetime showdown against the Sooners on the schedule. Bullets Rundown • Fun numbers about OSU Football • A reasonable Rudolph thought • An impressive Kansas stat OSU Bullets • I dove into the game notes for the OSU vs. West Virginia game and found a couple of encouraging numbers: one about Chuba and one about OSU’s sustained success. (Chuba) Hubbard’s rushing yards through 10 games are better than three of the past four running backs to win the Heisman Trophy and eight of the 12 running backs to win the Heisman Trophy since 1980. (An Oklahoma State Win Would… (m)ark the 10th time in the past 12 seasons it has won at least eight games. [OKState.com] Another number that stuck out is that OSU is on a four-game streak against the Mountaineers. So that means OSU has owned WVU over the last half-decade, Chuba is clearly on pace to at least get to NY, and my argument that Gundy is paid $5m annually not to win 10 games but to not drop below eight has a massive supporting point. • The TulsaWorld’s Guerin Emig zoomed in on the perilous start to Mason…

5+ million a year for 8 wins, never beating OU and 1 conference title in his coaching career. Only a university that has no expectations of greatness would be ok with this but OSU Holder and the fan base are very content with exactly that.

I think the Tired of Gundy thread might be the more appropriate place for this. Or, is he on the hot seat thread (I think there is one like that).

I think every thread not Tired of Gundy should just be called “content”.

It’s tough to fire a guy who wins 8+ more often than not because it’s tough to find someone you know will do better. If he starts going 6-6 (or worse) regularly, the discussion changes, because it’s easier to replace that kind of production.

Maybe you’re willing to bet the 16 million to get rid of him plus whatever to hire a new coach that the new coach can win 9+ games a year, but it isn’t irrational of Holder or anyone else to not take the same bet.

You are probably right but you can’t claim to be striving for greatness when you’re not willing to make any changes. Well as long as he can beat the bottom half of the conference he can go another 8 years without winning the conference.

YESSS!!! Love the link to the great interception by the 'Yotes! Showin a little College of Idaho love here in the Bullets! Way to go Idaho!!!