Daily Bullets (Nov. 20): Finding Clarity Around Big 12 Title Attendees, BYU Game Spread and Kickoff Time

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The point spread for Saturday’s game is too high. It should be 9-10 at most.

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Keeping my cash in my pockets on the Cowboys. Simply too erratic.

Go Pokes! BEAT BYU!


Smart move.

I agree, however, I think BYU isn’t very good. They ran for 217 yards on the Sooners, a season high. I think we outrush them by at least 100 yards and probably more. I think us coming home after 2 road games will handle BYU comfortably. Maybe 38-24. It could be worse, prior to OU BYU had lost their previous 3 games by 25+. BYU and its fans were jacked for that game. It was a 10am kickoff and that crowd was already dancing and swaying and yelling before kickoff. That must have been one of the biggest name brand opponent to go to Provo. I take it back, I think OSU will not just cover but beat BYU by 3 TDS or more.


You got me curious and I found USC played at BYU back in 2019.


For sure the point spread is crazy big.You think they are giving us more than the normal 3 for being at home given the recent insanity of our fans in BP stadium?

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I considered USC and that’s why I said one of the biggest. Good research

The point spread is big because
Texas 35 BYU 7
West Virginia 37 BYU 7
Iowa St 45 BYU 13 in Provo
Those 3 games preceded the OU game. I saw the pregame at Provo before OU played them, the fans were already raucous and ready to rock. It was sold out game. Remember next year BYU will have the largest stadium in the B12 at 63,725. I suspect BYU will be closer to those type of games then what they did this past Saturday.


That and 5-6 BYU is 1-4 on the road. There a different team at home, probably due to the altitude.

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I watched the OU-BYU game and BYU should have won. They blew the game on about 3 boneheaded Dunn-level play calls. But if they play like they did, and don’t make the couple moron calls, then we’ll be in for a 4 quarter fight.

I watched the whole game as well. I agree, if BYU runs instead of trying to pass at the goal line when he threw the pick 6, then I think BYU wins. As I said, I think the team and the fans were really up for this game. It also was their senior day. We are coming off 2 weeks of road travel. It will be Senior day. We have something big to play for and I think BYU reverts to what they had been doing the 3 weeks before OU. I think we win like 41-20.

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This was interesting

Byu is a bad road team.
Black would be big get. His brother could come back for another year. Have the blacks Daniels and oilver next year. If those 2 dnt leave early.