Daily Bullets (Nov. 21): Knowles' Changing the Conversation about OSU D, Mason Rudolph's Classy Response

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These roundtables are one of my favorite things to read – it’s like your sitting around the office on Friday afternoon with a few guys who are totally tuned in and super entertaining to listen to. Bullets Rundown • Knowles to be praised for changing the conversation on OSU’s defense • Rudolph with some class words • No debate on what Gundy should do on Friday OSU Bullets • Something impressive about this football season has been the defense’s ability to do one thing well: being unexploitable. This isn’t a vintage year of Big 12 Conference offense, but that doesn’t take away a stark reality. “In this league, people take advantage of you if they can,” Knowles said. “They go for the throat.” To take a job coaching defense in the Big 12 is to risk sanity. Knowles figured that when he took the OSU job before the 2018 season. Then the season started and he knew that. [TulsaWorld] Somehow Knowles has shifted the conversation from OSU being picked apart left and right to OSU picking apart offenses left and right with pressure and turnovers. After years of bending-but-don’t break-too-much, it’s incredibly refreshing. • Mason Rudolph came out with a…

There should be no one that comes out and say Gundy shouldnt catch a later flight on Friday to Morgantown. He needs to be there and watch his sons game. That seems silly to think otherwise. And I am sure every player on that team would agree with him. Gleeson can get Costello ready. :rofl:

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I agree he should probably go see Gunnar play but let’s all admit that the chances of it being his last high school game are incredibly slim. Stillwater plastered Choctaw 74~14 in their regular season match up. While it is nice to say that anyone can beat anyone on any given day but Stillwater and Bixby are the Bama /Clemson of 6A2 football this year.