Daily Bullets (Nov. 22): Surviving a Bedlam Hangover

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You gotta feel bad for players like Hubbard Nd Wallace. They came back with a goal of winning a Big 12 title (Just like Rudolph and Washington) and they got stuck with Gundy who failed again (just like in 2017).

If you are an NFL caliber player, and you get a chance for early entry into the NFL. Take it!!! Because if you don’t there is a HC in Stillwater that will destroy your draft stock.

I don’t feel bad for Hubbard. He allowed the Heisman hype to swallow him, while he promised the National Championship. He allowed his alligator mouth to overload his hummingbird butt.
And he did it again, when he declared he was no longer going to help the Cowboys, because Gundy had worn a t-shirt that hurt his precious feelings.
I have no place in my world for over rated drama queens or BLM enthusiasts.