Daily Bullets (Nov. 3): Previewing the Bedlam Game

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Guys, the way our pass defense has been allowing the long bombs, I’m super concerned that most of OU’s drives are going to end in easy TD’s over the top, burning no clock. Talk me out of this panic…

Can’t disagree Mark. Against KU, OU was scared to throw the football, but I think a big part of that was the wind and freezing rain. It will be nice and sunny tomorrow, and I doubt OU will have any reluctance in allowing Gabriel to air it out.

I’m pretty sure that the OSU staff probably can see how things match up between the two teams. They may try and shore up the pass defense and dare OU to run the ball. That may work given OU’s running game except for the QB. He is the wildcard in this situation and can meet our challenge to run the ball if he is playing good.

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