Daily Bullets (Nov. 5): Bedlam Champs, Forever

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@CarsonCunningham please make the next podcast a livestream. I want to see the joy on your faces discussing last night’s amazing game.


Amazing game?
Not how Sooner Nation views the game.
Eddie Rodedivich, or whatever his name is, sees the game lost because of lack of discipline and penalties plus the non- call of pass interference in end zone. They were proud of stopping Ollie.
Over 100 yds rushing and 2 TDs is “stopping”?
In other words, OU was the better team, but only because of mistakes the game was lost. Outcome had nothing to do with the play of OSU.
It’s worth watching Vennable’s post game media talk. He is clearly shaken up, a crushed man. A general who just watched his men disgracefully lose a battle to an inferior foe and is in total shock and embarrassment. Seeing that makes makes the victory even sweeter.
What do you think of them Cowboys now Trace Ford?

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