Daily Bullets (Oct. 19): Mike Gundy's Changing NIL Stance, Picking the WV Game

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Not surprised about the UCF odds considering it’s a long road trip right after Bedlam.
West Virginia is such a beautiful state.It’s a shame this state fell on hard times (at least more than most).

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When speaking of wrestling events it’s a dual match not duel.

Regarding most games at one school, I believe the list maker over looked Mike’s brother Cale

Yep. I went through there in 2019 and to Morgantown. Nice little college town up in the mountains.

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I wonder if it doesn’t count unless you are also head coach?

I wouldn’t think so. Not many have been the qb, assistant and head coach at one school

I don’t know for sure what the requirements are. I can only think of Spurrier that’s done all that at same school.

He would be one but he spent time in the NFL and South Carolina