Daily Bullets (Oct. 29): It's Bedlam Week and They're Coming

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Beating OU is non-negotiable. There is no other outcome acceptable. For a fact, it is preferable to beat them by 30 and scoring late when taking a knee would’ve been a normal option.

And, on their way out of town, make sure Sooner buses see “Tuscaloosa 692 miles” and “Athens 912 miles.”


Well I’m pretty much a Debbie downer when it comes to beating OU. Yea we probably won’t. However things are looking up a little. After game 3 this year my plan was to not even watch bedlam and save myself some pain. But now with the way things are going I will be watching the game in spite of the assured pain that it will cause. Hope I’m wrong but history says otherwise.

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I’m not getting my hopes up too much for Bedlam, but I do feel better about this one than I did when we were 2-2 and staring into the abyss.