Daily Bullets (Sept. 19): Framing the Offensive Struggles in Stillwater

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Time to state the obvious: Coach Gundy is frozen and incapable of making a decision at QB because Gunnar is involved.

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The issue is a lot deeper than just the QB, OL, and running game. It’s issues all across the board. I listened to a coach last night with over 35 years experience at the High school level as a HC, and the D2 level as a DC. He said Dunn’s offense looks like a basic offense you would teach to junior high kids. There’s rarely any motion, shifting, or adjustments within the offensive formation itself. Which means the defense rarely, if any, has to change what they’re doing.

Despite the OL sucking as usual. How do we not have at least 2-3 ways to get the ball in the hands of our best offensive players? Drake Stoops over at OU is not even close to being the best WR on that roster, and Lebby found a way to hit him 8 times against Tulsa. We have on of the smaller, but dynamic athletes in the country in Presley, and we didn’t do chit with him. Gordon had 3 rushes for 12 yards. That’s 4.0 yards per rush that Gundy wants to see. Yet, we want to pass the ball a million times when we can’t even get it to Presley?

When it comes to Gundy he’s not going to change anything he’s doing unless the administration forces his hand. He’s going to do what he wants to do. He still holds to the old Pat Jones theology “get them off your team”. Okay, I’m not saying you let a kid get away with everything, but we have to acknowledge this isn’t the 80’s or 90’s any longer. Gundy doesn’t strike me as a guy that’s going to adapt and overcome to societal changes within this current generation. He doesn’t like the transfer portal, yet fails to understand his coaches aren’t as good as he thinks they are. It’s like he’s on a mission to prove people wrong instead of being more worried about what needs to happen for us to win.

You want culture, but you’re going to have a hard time maintaining culture if you’re getting your butt kicked all over the field by G5 teams. Eventually when losses pile up culture goes away and is replaced by disrespect, stupidity, and laziness. Not to mention, players get frustrated and transfer elsewhere. What Gundy has to do is find a balance to get above average players in the portal, adapting to the current generation, and maintaining the culture he claims he wants. The days of being able to outcoach other teams with three star players is over. He’s not in a position to be able to maintain talent for 3-4 years and build up to a great season any longer. The recruiting in both HS, JUCO, and the portal is going to have to be better.


Is it just coincidence that when we got a new president of the university things have started a downward spiral? I can’t tell you how bad these changes have been even tho gundy has talked her up. Nothing has been done and no changes in coaching in any sport. This administration have done nothing but sit on their hands. We need better leadership above gundy in order to have change where it’s needed.


Ditto @ Bill18 great thoughts and comments

Not so sure it’s all Coach Gundy … or the new President or current administration. Seems like President would be more academic whereas Athletic Director would make decisions about sports. But, honestly, I don’t really know how it work’s exactly.

Regardless, I absolutely HATE the idea of getting rid of Coach Gundy. Now, replacing other coaches … with the idea of brining in some guys who could be the next HC when Gundy decides (of his own accord) to step aside (or become the AD) ….

What I do understand is that FANS and ALUMNI, like myself, are ALREADY clamoring for a CHANGE! This is good, as our expectations have grown a lot from the old days (think Jones/Simmons eras).

Again, I am not so sure that Coach Gundy is the issue. I feel that right now, making do with what we have, improving over the season, and avoiding a losing season is the most that we can ask for. And it may be a LONG season. I would hedge to bet that USA will not be our only loss.

If so, then NEXT off-season, I expect changes. Some rather dramatic changes.

Of course, my perfect dream scenario would involve brining ZAC ROBINSON back to Stillwater as OC and heir apparent crown prince to someday be HC. I would also like to see JW Walsh promoted up to understudy Zac in significant role.

Defensively, I think Nardo still deserves a chance given what he inherited. He was not on staff last year and cannot be spread any of the blame for the mass exodus. But I do not understand why we cannot bring a guy like RW McWatters or Keith Burns into the fold. Both would be solid Alumni-Coaches that would not bolt to another program at the first offer of money, since they are already loaded.

But what do I know?

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Like your thinking and approach. I’m fairly certain Gundy isn’t the root-cause issue. There are “beyond Gundy” issues that have to be addressed very delicately.

Would love to see ZRob as OC and heir apparent. Rashaun Woods is on a nice coaching trajectory as well if we end up needing a WR coach.

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The admin is frozen IMO. The program didn’t meet expectations last year and the stadium is selling out this year. A tough situation for everyone. The elephant in the room is oSu had Knowles on staff and the chance to add Monken. That didn’t happen and the reasons I have not heard. Not making that happen falls on Gundy and AD. The fans IMO deserved answers and got nothing. Insane to dump >500 million into facilities and not be willing to pay for proven coaches. Feel like Holder and Picken’s efforts have not been matched by Gundy and the coaching staff.

My biggest concern is QB development. Rangel enrolled early so he has had 2 spring and fall camps. Gunnar grew up with Mike and has an extra year on Rangel. Compare and contrast their development to MR.

Gundy had all off season to fix problems, claimed they accomplished their goals, and now it is evident Gundy and staff don’t have the answers. Gundy admitted the first 2 game plans used the wrong offensive blocking schemes.


If the leadership just sits on there hands as the football program, which is the bread winner, implodes, then I’m expecting a mass revolt from the big time OSU donors. They will demand change or no more money.

Rangel is improved, but don’t know how much given the rotation. I do think he comes out as QB1 this season. When Gunnar went in on Saturday, Bowman left us 3 scores in the hole.

A better comparison on QB development is Rudolph/Yurcich OC-QB/Dunn WR to Sanders/Dunn OC-QR/Rattay-QB.

The Admin bumped Gundy from $4.5 to $7.5M if I’m not mistaken. I would say Gundy, Weiberg, Strum and major donors (for the most part) are aligned.

Not fixing the Offensive issues would seem to point to something more insidious than Admin being frozen.

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I’m not suggesting Gundy should be fired. I’m just saying I don’t know if he’s the guy that’s going to be able to adapt to what we see with current generations. In order to recruit well you need to know your recruiting base and what’s going to make you successful. That’s been lacking the last couple of years.

I personally think Dunn and Dickey are the biggest problems. I don’t mind hitting up G5 players in the portal or successful players at lesser caliber P5 programs. I just don’t think our evaluation and development of talent is currently there. Especially when it comes to the QB and OL.

As far as Nardo goes I can’t blame him. I understand being a first year DC is probably difficult and I don’t expect much from him in year one coming from the D2 level. My only concern would be if he’s in year three or so and there’s no improvement, but regression.

I thought the problem after last season went a lot further than just injuries. This offense looked completely different when Spencer Sanders was in the game in most of our games last season. I thought Dunn and Dickey should’ve been gone. Gundy is the one that decided to retain them and assured everything was fine. I’m just wanting him to hold himself accountable and fix the issue.

It’s too bad Boone isn’t still alive. We would definitely be buying our way to a championship.

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Boone alive in the age of NIL would’ve been a godsend

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