Daily Bullets (Sept. 20): Iowa State Game is Big for Bowl Eligibility, Is 2023 OSU Football Good?

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At QB1, indecision is a huge liability. As it turns out, indecision is a HUGE liability at HC too!!

Gundy is masking his own flawed thinking with wanting one of our three to ‘win’ the job. Shame on him.

I have never wanted Gundy gone. Some of his overly conservative thinking needed to go. Some of his TERRIBLE hires needed to be gone. But, his own comments this season are so very telling. The Gundy era needs to go the way of the Ice Age. He is officially a dinosaur in my estimation.


In your opinion he had overly conservative thinking that needed to go? I guess you get a lot of your views from the educational system that has been put in place over the last decade or more. What thinking is this? Anyway by not having conservative thinking and policy’s your world will turn out exactly what you have in this world today. Going pretty good uh? As far as gundy goes Iv thought he should have been gone 5 years ago. The only reason he can’t decide is because his stupid decision to bring his son on board and not being able to recruit worth a crap. Gundy’s too soft and that’s his problem.