Daily Bullets (Sept. 26): Football in 2023 - Facilities or NIL?

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SUCH a huge comment from a great Cowboy! This has so much great info in a few sentences. He’s absolutely right. And - if a former PLAYER (like a year ago…) can say we don’t need to panic, I can trust THAT much more than some commenters on here and other “We-have-all-the-answers-from-our-couches” message boards. GO POKES!!

“People have to be realistic,” Martin said. “We do not have the assets, the tradition, and the recruiting pipelines that Ohio State does. Those blue-blood schools reload every year. Oklahoma State has to rebuild every four years or so, and it gets kids they like, keep them in the program, and build it up. And then we are going to have a down year. If we want to be able to keep having two to three good years and one bad year instead of a bad year after a bad year, we are going to have to do something to keep the kids here. And with NIL, the portal being around, it’s not going to be as easy to keep those kids around.”

Why do people think that those of us dissatisfied with the current performance are expecting OSU to look like Ohio State? We don’t. But I should reliably expect OSU to be blowing the doors off of SOUTH Alabama and not the other way around. That should not be an unreasonable expectation. And if you aren’t obtaining that expectation, which Coach Gundy and this OSU team aren’t, they should expect some heat.

And I get what Martin is saying about being cycles. We aren’t a blue blood that reloads with top 25 talent year in and year out, although we should be closer to the top 25 in recruiting than we are. There aren’t 60 blue blood programs, yet we seem to be mired at about that recruiting rank. But we aren’t acting like a team that’s just rolling out a bunch of freshmen and sophomores hoping to build chemistry for the future. We rotated 3 QBs for the first quarter of the season, and finally are settling on the ONE guy who CAN’T be back next year.

Regardless, Dunn ain’t gonna suddenly learn how to be a good playcaller. Gundy ain’t gonna magically learn good clock management. And Weiberg ain’t suddenly going to grow a pair. So I’m resigned to the fact, that 4-8 is our immediate future (assuming we can get a couple breaks in a couple of the pillowfight games left).

Edit: I need a bowl of whatever it is that McMurphy is smoking if he thinks OSU is still going bowling.


And a lot of what he is saying falls upon the coaching staff which clearly have issues. Especially the big dog who thinks we “don’t have any major problems” - Something HCMG actually said after a blowout to South Alabama.

I’m not expecting Ohio State results, because we’ve never been Ohio State, but there was a time we ripped off 7 of 9 seasons with at least 10 wins, and it really wasn’t that long ago. Now, we have 1 in the last six (counting this season). Definitely not unreasonable to expect that as a fan base. Especially now with OU/Texas (mostly ou) leaving. But right now we have a coach who makes silly hires, keeps guys who clearly struggle at their job and has no personal awareness and at times a nonchalant attitude about the state he has put the program in.

With the tradition we’ve built the last 20+ plus years, facilities and assets we have, we should be in the top 3 for the conference every year, win at least 9-10 games and have a real shot at the title every 2-3 years like we did 6 years ago. We’ve fallen so far below even that threshold now I don’t see us getting it back with this HC. I hope I’m wrong but this is a troubling time for OSU football.

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Could be that building a team via the portal isn’t what it is cracked up to be. From a long term perspective OSU probably needs to develop a strategy to keep players that we recruit and develop out of the portal. A lot of things will play into that, NIL, coaching, et al. and is the primary responsibility of the administration.

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Gundy (or whomever our next head coach is) needs to decide on what OUR IDENTITY is, and then focus on that. Even the stalwarts like @robert28 or @michael13 couldn’t tell you what this year’s team’s identity is. We’ve bounced back and forth between trying to be a mobile QB offense and trying to be a pocket-passing offense, and now suddenly we have neither. Our only offensive identity since Rudolph left was “run QB run” (Corndog averaged over 10 rushes per game), and we don’t have a single running QB on the roster.

We do have an identity on defense, or at least a goal of an identity (3-3-5), but its year one with a new D1 DC, a new system that hadn’t been recruited to, positional coaches that have zero experience with that system, etc.

Kinda hard to develop an “identity” if you have to rebuild your roster from the portal every year.

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Your identity is what tells you who to get from the portal.

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It’s a catch -22 isn’t it …. Recruit good recruits and develop them so they can hit the portal for where the hell ever ? Or do you try to rebuild from the portal ? When you don’t have the money to get good portal players ? The one man that can make or break your team is the qb …. Not a chit load of good ones out there either. Only reason I thought Bowman would be okay is running shorter routes, getting the ball out quick.
Corndog didn’t run many times on purpose, he ran out of desperation. Sanders is a rb that is a qb….I’m sure that xpert knows that. It’s a sad day for football has become like every other dam thing out there …… money

Spot on here. Gundy has said many times that the team goes as the QB goes. It’s certainly the truth and has been proven over and over. And now once you get that good QB the chances are good that you won’t have them for long given the NIL/Portal world we live in. Back in the day we used to lament the poaching of our good coaches by more attractive schools. Ones that pay more, offer better paths to success, et al. Now with NIL/Portal we have the same problem with the players. This doesn’t seem sustainable unless we develop better strategies to deal with this new paradigm. And as I have previously said very little of this falls on the coach, it’s mostly for the administration to figure out.

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