Daily Chatter (non-political)

Aka Mallory Archer

Alabama is getting peppered with tornados again today

Wow no kidding, don’t see this often:

It’s the 2nd time this month they’ve done it - super rare

Guess Geo in the username doesn’t mean geography


For real, it’s called Middle Earth people



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It’s in Egypt! Close enough!

It has been awful today. They are expecting more storms this evening.

What am I looking at here?

Not looking forward to our turn.

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The cart from the small hall way turnaround scene in Austin Powers covered up by a screenshot of the Evergreen ship blocking the Suez canal


So wild. Wonder what has been hit. AL is a rather empty state right?

Is Oak Mountain ok?

Are you saying Bitcoin isn’t here to stay?

There are lots of empty spots but it definitely hit a few small towns pretty hard. At least 5 deaths reported but a few towns were having trouble getting to collapsed homes and so nobody wanted to give totals. There are tons of trees in this state and so a lot of roads became impassable due to downed trees. First responders were waiting on crews to clear roads for most of the evening.

Oak Mountain Amphitheater is really close to the ABC affiliate broadcast center. Their meteorologist is the go-to guy down here. He said that it got close to the amp and their building. He had the news room shelter while he stayed on air. It narrowly missed though. Some of the areas near the amp may have been hit and it definitely shut down one of the highways near there.

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As a structural engineer in training this is hard to cope with. I wish we could come up with better designs for tornado alley homes. The McMansion with flat, 90 degree walls aint it.


I like conical homes.

I don’t think so. Too good to be true type of situation.