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NFTs are NUTS. I get that’s it’s for the rich, but it’s totally another bubble.

No one can convince me a NFT is any different than just looking at a digital image. Makes zero sense

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I do love the word fungible though… @JustGary


NFTs are art but in Bitcoin which I believe is another bubble

If your day is going rough at least you didn’t block a major shipping channel.

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I heard that channel is responsible for 12% of the world’s shipping


What is a NFT?

Non-fungible token.

It’s digital art backed by the block chain. The NBA has created a bunch of GIFs of notable NBA moments and is selling them. So technically, you can own that “dunk” or whatever it is the NBA is selling. The thing that makes it so lucrative is that you only make a select number of the item, like trading cards, so you own just 1 of 250 every to exist (tracked by the block chain).

NFTs are traded on certain sites so you can’t just say your selling an NFT on Craigslist.

Some sauce on the topic (all should have audio of the story, not gonna make you read them all).

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That seems kinda dumb…

Then you can see why it’s a bubble. No way any of that holds its value unless rich folks just want to continue throwing money away.

I do not believe you can cash out of the NFT market. You only get credits.

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Wow. Whelp, if people want to waste money I say to let them.

I’ve been wondering what kind of ripple effect having that waterway blocked for weeks was going to cause. Crazy. Oh, and this meme was funny…



I think the canal is on the middle east so I’m curious if it will affect oil supply which then affects gas prices.

But other than that I don’t know that we’d see much else here.

Tell that to the guy waiting on a shipment of coca- I mean an Amazon package


12% of the TOTAL world trade goes through the Suez canal so who knows how much it will affect the US but it will. If nothing else it will cause shortages on a lot of things worldwide which will then affect the US. This in the midst of a supply chain nightmare from Covid that is already occurring is really REALLY BAD. I am seeing things that normally on lead times of days going to lead times of months, and this was before this incident.

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Ah. 12% overall trade > 12% shipping trade.

From BBC article is where I got that:


Facts > guesses