Daton Fix Finishes as NCAA Runner Up in NCAA Tournament

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Cowboys turn in one of the worst NCAA finishes in program history.

Looks like RBY is a tad better than Daton Fix. Sad but true. I think Daton will always shine when he wrestles international.
This was a tournament and a season to forget. It’s also a time for the coaches to really analyze everything about their program and come up with some kind of plan of action. If I were the AD I would ask John Smith to submit such a plan in writing. I don’t know if it means changing something about the conditioning program, or if it means a change in assistant coaches, or what. But even without the injuries, the program is not where it used to be, and no one should settle for finishing 3rd or 4th, year after year. Something is missing.

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In golf news, the Cowboys, led by individual medalist Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra, DOMINATED the N.I.T. field that included top-ranked OU and Texas.