Dave Hunziker Calls Game-Winning Plays in OSU's Bedlam Win over OU

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/dave-hunziker-calls-game-winning-plays-in-osus-bedlam-win-over-ou/

Collin Olliver buried Squinky at the OSU 32-yard line, right next to Caleb Williams.

I love listening to Hunziker and Holcomb! I doubt there is a duo any better anywhere in the country at what they do.

Replacing Bill Teegins was a tough assignment; kudos to Hunziker for doing so professionally and humbly and, for some time now, having earned his own place in the loyal hearts of OSU fans! Awesome to see him get excited in the booth! (This is my favorite PFB post-game article)

“Where’s that Sooner Magic now, baby?!”