Dean Heil Wins Last Chance World Team Trials Qualifier

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Heil will have a spot at the 2021 World Team Trials

Wow he started get offense. I remember 2 -0 matches lol.

Good for Dean. He had a tough Senior NCAA so I am glad to see this achievement.

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Yes, his senior year was tough because the NCAA rule change took away his most effective move with their 45 degree rule. That was his fire power and then suddenly he can’t use it any longer. It was strange seeing him lose multiple matches that season. But if he is now getting techs in less than 40 seconds it sounds like he has learned some new moves which I would like to see.


He was a lil hurt too his last year.

Yes, most seasons it seems that OSU has at least one of their stars significantly injured. But last season was especially bad with the number of injuries to key guys like Kaid Brock, Dustin Plott, Sheets, and others whom I forget. That’s what makes the third place finish remarkable. A healthy line up is a lot to ask for in this sport but if we do have a healthy lineup then we could contend for second place at the NCAA tournament. From what I have seen due to various circumstances I am not sure we will see Daton Fix as a NCAA champ. Multiple finalist but not a champion. No one would have expected such an outcome for him. Going to be very difficult to win a tournament with perhaps only one NCAA champ each season, A.J. It would require OSU to do what the great teams of Dan Gable used to do, they had lots of guys place very high in the consolation matches and that is how they racked up enough points to win it all. Gets tougher each season due to parity.

Just like gundy did a wonderful job this year coaching, Smith did too.
Gundy had the summer deal lost half of his 2 deep line and played a true freshman qb for 3 games.
Smith had a ton of injuries. We were not going to win it but yes he got us to 3rd.