Defections and decommitment watch

Losing Jeter could be a big hit down the line. Coach Woz needs Glass to hit big or he could be close to Coach Adkins as far as poor recruiting at a position of need. Looks like Jackson could take a redshirt which means if Chuba leaves we will be left with Glass, Jackson, and Walk Ons. I know Presley and Zach Middleton are listed at other positions, but they could be forced to play some RB. Not that it would be terrible. They are both Uber dynamic with immediate impact potential. Now all this could be null in void if Chuba returns. Also I’ve heard that Walker is getting cold feet with OU. Although that could be good news for the Pokes. If I had to guess Ngata will be going to ASU. So I hope Woz has a back up plan. Thoughts?


I’m not taking it as gospel that Jeter definitely transfers, although it doesn’t look great. Entering the portal isn’t the same as announcing on Twitter/Instagram that you’re transferring after all. It’s not GOOD, but it can still be managed.

As for Ngata, I don’t really know where he’s at. If Zach Evans goes to A&M (vs. Georgia), that could put Ngata in our lane (since TAMU won’t take two backs that would demand the start) and I would imagine that Chuba’s monster year is going to be appealing to someone coming in and wanting to leave his mark. I’m not writing him off until he goes elsewhere.

That being said, we do need to start closing on players. Polk was definitely a good snag, but before him, the last commit we got was Monroe Mills way, way back on AUGUST 2ND. We also have slots left to fill so…we need to get on the stick and land players.

It’s … kinda weird that he’s in the portal and still transferring?

I’m assuming you meant practicing? If so, I agree.

Could be his way of calling their bluff…?

I know you don’t agree with much I say, but I do think if he’s willing to play I would give Jeter the backup carries against Baylor and see what he can do. If he’s productive you make him your RB2 and let LD get returns and any 3RB carries their might be. Jeter has the potential to be the Carson to Hubbards “Hill” or the Rowland type. He’s very big and strong. Would hate to lose him and put all the weight on Jackson and Glass next year IF Chuba decides he wants to forgo his final 2 seasons.

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I actually agree with you. Make it a ‘put up or shut up’ thing. If he shows out, he gets more carries. If he blows, he sits and takes it as part of the team. Either way, you know what you get. I like it!


Glad you agree. I definitely think it’s as good a time as any coming off the bye.