Defense Tracker: Cowboys' Defense Dominates WVU, Still among Gundy's Best

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After two weeks, where does OSU’s defense sit among Mike Gundy’s best?

I’m not ready to praise them just yet. They will prove their worthiness to me once I see how they do against a freshman QB. Given their history of making freshman look like Heisman candidates.

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This defense hasn’t faced a test yet, shouldn’t this week either.
If we shut down KU and TCU after the bye I’ll start to believe we have something, even though KU and TCU aren’t dynamic on offense either. Remember, Tulsa and WV shot themselves in the foot with penalties and poor special teams. Our schedule is backloaded so I think we get lit up down the line by UT, OU, TT, etc.

Both tu and wv have good off. Don’t take away what d has none. We haven’t face a dual qb. The middle still causes troubles. Like to see more turnovers. R they going to keep Texas ou and tt to 10 pts, no but under 30 could. When we generate more off. Will help the d. Complete opposite of 2018.

Tulsa and WV have good offense? You don’t have to be good to score 56 on Eastern Kentucky, and Tulsa has scored 7 points in the one game they played so far without some of their best players.