Defense Tracker: How OSU’s Defensive Start Stacks Up with Rest of Gundy Era

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OSU’s D is off to a good start, but how does it compare to defenses of the past?

I think we need to scale back on the defense for a moment here. I’m not saying they won’t be good, but Tulsa doesn’t provide me with enough evidence offensively to suggest the OSU defense is going to be great. Let’s look at a few things here:

  1. Shamari Brooks didn’t play for Tulsa and Corey Taylor didn’t play the 2nd half.

  2. Tulsa returned 8 starters on offense (6 for the OSU game) and ranked 95th out of 130 teams last season in total offense.

  3. Tulsa is a 4-8 team from last season returning 12 starters (pretty much 10 for the OSU game) and really doesn’t provide any good data to prove just how good the OSU defense really is.

I’m going to wait until they face someone who is decent on offense that’s faced better competition before I start giving them any kind of praise. That’s fair, right?

Where in the world is Jayden Jernigan?

Did he opt out?

Or is our d-line so deep that someone who made a pretty hefty contribution last year, can’t find playing time this year?