Defense Tracker: Where OSU's 2020 Defense Finished among Gundy's Best

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OSU’s defense had the best third-down percentage that Gundy has ever had.

The main thing about this group was th 4th down, and u felt it. U really believe if it was 3 and 10 they would come of the field.
That said not alot of turnovers (of course defense had to take it themselves). Yes 4 in one game.
3red downs great. 4th and 1’s tendend to lead to scores, not good.
Overall great guys do a great job.

Imagine if the offense was consistent

Maybe the numbers looked better on defense due to the lack of offense in the Big 12… just a thought.

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I’m not going to expect alot. Sanders has to many holes but he can just do better.
He is at 50% in the red zone .
Make better throws reads and decisions.
I know alot on here down play corndog.
Sanders is about 10 passes more accurate.
Same sacks
Corndog red rone is 66%
6 more running td 2 passing
Just think if corndog had this defense

Yes there is a down in qb play

Corndog was “good enough” to win games, but was not THAT special. Heck, even a hybrid of Michael Vick/Joe Montana still would have been limited by an offensive line that was absolute garbage most of the year. I would say that regardless of the stats, this 2020 defense was better than 2013s.

Corndog was sacked 32 times in 2018 and this was considered the worst offensive line?

Corndog offense was 13 in scoring 11 in red zone defense was 98 in scoring. In one season he is on all the qb list for season career game in yds tds
There really not much difference in the two lines 3 were block for both go off of last yr Sanders # r pretty much the same
Scoring 58 red zone 72 for 2020

Forget Corndog then. Any QB would’ve struggled behind this o-line. Also, CD didn’t have the stable of capable backs this team had. This o-line was awful based on injury and guys transferring out cause Gundy gave them the boot.

Would help if u throw the ball. If a qb doesn’t have the ball he cant get sacked. Anyway use 2019 # then. There not much better scoring was like 35 and rzwas like 58. Not sure if brown help or hunt but I know shane helped this yr. R td rz is like 50% over the last two yrs. CD’ a was 66 %

Haven’t had a good offensive line in 7 years.

I have to imagine these numbers would be even better if we had gotten to pad the numbers against the two non-conference cupcakes we usually schedule. Shame this defense was wasted on this offense.

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This!!! Right!!! Here!!!

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