Deondrick Glass

What is the status of Deondrick Glass? I was surprised he didn’t get any touches against Kansas. Did he travel with the team?

I’ve seen in the forums is something to do with a bad work ethic.

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Thanks and that is a bummer…

Per Gundy, everyone that traveled to ku got in the game except Spencer Sanders so here’s not traveling with the team it appears. Not a good sign for his future.

He’s also injured.

Where did you hear this?

From a very good source

That sucks. There’s some work to do then, rumor I’ve seen multiple times is about his work ethic being subpar.

Thanks, I was kind of hoping that was the case. Let’s hope he gets healthy and figures out what it takes to play for the Pokes…I would like to see that kid run with the rock in Orange and Black!

This…unless he stinks.

Didn’t he win the Heisman as a true freshman?


I love his fight and vision, and you know ou people would have tattooed it on themselves if he was their player, but that was overzealous.

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