Depth Chart: Oklahoma State Released Two-Deep Heading into Guaranteed Rate Bowl Tilt with Wisconsin

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It’s a bit different because of the transfer portal.

All this time of i hope the 7 lineman are healthy.
Qb is really the only question. Still if the line is healthy.

I wonder how many of these portal guys are going to someday look back on their decision to skip the bowl game and regret they didn’t hang around and enjoy being with their buds instead of rolling the dice hoping to land somewhere. I heard 40% of the portal players won’t find a home.


Very interested to see how all that shakes out . Takes time to understand your mistakes .

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Yep 40% has been the rough average of players who don’t find a home over the last couple of years.

I’m looking at this roster and hoping that the game plan is centered around some type of magic run game. If there ever was a time to figure out the run game this is it.

Nah I say let it all hang out and let Rangel sling the rock all over the yard. Go back to the pre Sanders days and let’s have a goof old fashion 63-59 shootout

That would be fun but not sure if our true freshman is that capable

Dunn will probably script the first couple of drives, so we might actually see some creativity. After that, it will probably be the same ol’ same ol’.

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