Depth Chart Thread

The first depth chart of the season is out. What is everyone’s thoughts?

I found it interesting that Malcolm Rodriguez got moved to LB. Wonder if we are going to roll with that move the whole season or if it’s a temporary move with Harper and Bundage banged up? If he’s put some weight on this summer, might be a good move for him. From what I’ve seen, he seems to be a better fit playing the run and being in the box than lined up covering slot receivers and playing behind the defense. Excited to see if our pass coverage is better putting a Tre Sterling or Tanner McAlister back there instead of him.

We planning on using the 3-3-5 more often this year? Using both Malcolm and Calvin at LB? That’s my assumption.

I thought it was interesting that Bryce Bray got the nod at RG. I thought he was in a battle with Galloway at LT. Is that just a result of Dickey finding the 5 best or is there an injury to Schneider?

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That was interesting to me. I haven’t heard on any injuries, but with how tight Gundy keeps things, you never know.

Week 2 depth chart is out.