Derek mason

Is it happening? And if so what are peoples thoughts?

Seems like a baller move.

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He’s no Jim Knowles but I think it would be a pretty good hire. I’d say Rossi is my number 1 still as Minnesota had a pretty ■■■■ good defense last year considering their lack of talent. Belk is also pretty high on my want list. Any of these guys are pretty good hires. I do wish we weren’t even having the conversation and kept Knowles over any of these guys though.

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According to Auburn’s 24/7 board there is already a lot of shuffling, they hired a Florida D coach……maybe it’s true…… didn’t Houston throw a bunch of money at Belk ?

Less than what Mason is getting paid still

John Kurtz was saying tonite there is a good chance

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Yes yes would’ve been nice

Whether he’s coming here or not it sounds like he is definitely leaving auburn

Looks like it’s a done deal supposedly announcing today

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Making the rounds rn . PF finger is on the send button rn

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Robert Allen says he is hired. This is good. Get him to recruit r guys in the portal. Knowles didn’t coach is position or recruited. So I think this is a great pick up.

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@marshall. Had a chance to interview him yet?

Have not. Media probably won’t get access until spring ball.