DeVries to WVU, Sprinkle to Washington, What's Next for Oklahoma State?

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There are still plenty of solid options available.


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Alford seems to me like an older Travis Ford. I don’t know why the World is so all-in on him. His record is peppered with mediocrity between some successful seasons.

Same is true of pretty much all the coaches on the list. Outside of May, there isn’t really a ringer on here. And even May’s defense is suspect. I could see him underwhelming at U of M. I like the idea of Bryce Drew, but he pulled a Travis Ford at Vandy and got fired

In fact, I don’t see one coach on the list of potentials that is safe from underwhelming fans at OSU. No, not Underwooding. None of them is that repulsive.

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You shouldn’t fire a coach (who hasn’t done something embarrassing or illegal) without having a viable candidate list. You especially don’t fire that coach early and pay out $2 million more without having a viable plan and candidate list. Sure looks like OSU is having an amateur hour in leadership.


Throw the bank at Wade and if doesn’t land go to Alford or Doug

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Medved, Wade, and Drew are my 3 favorites. Hope we get somebody who really buys in, excited to see who we end up with.

I just don’t understand the infatuation w/ Drew. Did anyone watch that game yesterday. It was like an AND1 mixtape. No offensive sets. They did hustle but it was so erratic. Allford crapped the bed against Dayton at the end of the game. Lutz, Wade, or Mccollum. At some point, we need a coach. We are going to get behind in the transfer portal and keeping recruits.

Also everyone is on sprinkles jock. Lutz was assistant under McDermott as well and was at Purdue so he assistant pedigree is even better. They both took two teams to NCAA tourney. What makes Sprinkle so much better than Lutz?

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Hot take is that Ben McCollum is the best option. All he does is win. Nothing else, just win. He is the sort of massive upside shot this program needs to take. Swing for the fences, nowhere to go but up.

I’ve been pushing Abdur-Rahim for a few weeks now. He’s got a background in big school recruiting, and has done nothing but win everywhere he’s gone.

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Coach Mike had to go. It’s bad enough that we have been mediocre since Eddie left. But we are now just plain bad. What successful coach wants to start out in the hole in the most difficult conference when the 2 best players are in the portal.? Rock bottom.
I fear we could end up with a division 2 coach, hoping to pull a Gundy. But we need a proven winner, but proven winners don’t need OSU.
I feel sorry for Chad. The Phoenix might not be rising from the ashes anytime soon.
Whoever he picks, no more huge buyouts or long term contracts or ridiculous extensions just for making the tournament. You make the tournament you get to keep your job. You go 2 years without a tournament, you get to look for a new job.

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Doesn’t surprise me one bit that this new administration fired a guy just to not get who they were after. First major higher and Chad graphs down his leg. Hell go after Doug what the hell will this school lose anyway. They are broke as a joke.

It’s my understanding that Sprinkle has a Billionaire friend. His money will follow Sprinkle. He was able to build a roster w/o any returning pts. and made the tourney. Watch Washington land some big time players in the portal. Garrison hitting portal and supposedly asking a million for his services. It’s the new world in college sports.

Bryce Drew would be my pick!

Sounds like…Mike Boynton.

You haven’t been an OSU fan long, have you?

The problem is that anyone who isn’t already a die hard OSU alum or booster will only use the position as a stepping stone. He will be here until there is success, then someone will lure him away with money. At this point, the only way to keep stability is to hire Gottlieb. I don’t think it is the best choice, but for longevity, it is the only choice. I am not excited about Gottlieb in the least. It will end up being like Gundy. Any success will be rewarded with longer contracts, but we will never be a contender or be great.

Huh? Boynton had never been a head coach anywhere when we hired him. Nor had he ever been an assistant at a major program. Rahim has done both. He was an assistant at A&M and Georgia (where he landed Anthony Edwards), so has P5 recruiting experience. And he led Kennesaw State from 1 win (aka worst D1 team in the country) to a tourney bid in 4 years. Then proceeded to turn around USF and immediately won the regular season AAC title . He’s won where he’s gone, and he’s got experience recruiting. Here’s a link to his accomplishments as a coach. Tell me the name of the guy that OSU could get that’s got better credentials. I personally don’t know who that would be.

I hate this mentality. If you get a guy that wins, then pony up and pay the man. And if he walks for a blue blood after he’s elevated OSU, then you are at least better positioned to get the next big name. Sort of like Tech did, with Chris Beard followed by McCasland. A winning OSU program doesn’t rank behind the WVU and UWs of the basketball world like it apparently does today.

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Lutz’s resume makes sprinkle better. Lutz has an overall 69-34 record in three seasons which looks ok until you dig deeper. His team’s stats this year were identical to OSU. He won the southland conference once (woopeee), which is a joke of a conference compared to the big 12 and still managed to get bounced in the first round. He finished a whopping 8-8 in Conf USA which would equate to OSU or WVU good in the big 12. Plus… he is 0-9 against power 5 schools of which 7 of the 9, he got demolished by more than 20 points. Lutz is a HARD pass.