Did anyone see where we left our logo?

I think we lost our logo.

Your a real sad gurl. I know you and your mom aren’t close. Is that it? You have serious issues

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“We have a logo too” :wink::slightly_smiling_face::grinning::smile::grin::laughing:

I looked for the gif of beating a dead horse but

It got left in the training room with all of our injuries.


Your not funny. Its just show your a sad small person.

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It’s amazing how none of the other teams ever have injuries.

Who’s crying?

We have had more injuries, and critical position injuries, than any Gundy coached team before. Yes even more than other teams.

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What year was that not the excuse?
Why are the offensive lineman always hurt? Can 2 and 3 stars bodies not handle what glass turns them into?

Dude i can name teams that only lose one player and they lose.

I love making fun of you im not debating you. Your insane. You think osu should go with no loses.

But, yes your crying. Your post things that you think gundy shouldnt have said or dnt believe. We know your obsession with gundy is weird. Yes your crying.

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No matter how much you cry mediocre Mike just can’t win the conference. Lol

Tell me Is your 9-3 starting to feel like 6-6?

Have know idea until we know if any of the hurt come back. But we are go home for a couple.

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Just wanted you to make sure you seen it. Cowboys dogs to Iowa State at home.

You act like your making a point.

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So I guess ND lost theirs after the first 5-6 games they played this year ? Idiot

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