Did something in the Podcast change

I use Beyoundpod and after not receiving a podcast in some time and seeing where there was a new one I started looking for the latest podcast (460 Jun 7). For some reason, it would not pull down.
After learning more about Beyoundpod than I care :slight_smile: , I see it was pulling from somewhere called feedburner. I deleted the subscription, then re-subscribed. And it only pulled the new one down. Fine since that is the one that I have not heard yet. Now I notice the link is to (PFB).com/feed/podcast.
I assume you made a change to where the podcast is being hosted.
Is this correct? If I am right then I have some degree of confidence it is going to work next time, if I am wrong then not sure what will happen. :slight_smile:

Hey Paul, we havenโ€™t changed our means of where the podcast is being hosted. So Iโ€™m not entirely sure how to diagnose that issue. Seems like an issue with BeyondPod.

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I will add that PFB.com goes to the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. Our website is pistolsfiringblog.com


No big deal, I will see when the next one comes out. :slight_smile:

Just thinking out loud, I wonder if it would be worth posting something in the daily bullets when a new one is released?
Add bullet, Podcast (Number) (Date), (description) is now available.
You might even hyperlink it to the podcast. If someone is not subscribed, it might get them interested.

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