Dillon Stoner Stars in Final Regular Season Finale

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Stoner has caught passes from Rudolph, Cornelius, Sanders, Brown and Illingworth in his career.

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We will miss him

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A great player who deserved his place in the sun today. It just feels like he has been in school for the last 7 years. He should come back next season just for kicks but I realize after 5 years their bodies have taken quite a beating and they usually play with some kind of nagging injuries. Because Baylor was missing so many of their players we actually looked like the Cowboy teams of the recent past putting up big numbers on offense in most games. But what we got this season that we have not seen that much of was smothering defense, especially in the secondary. I agree with the announcers who said that Gundy deserves a pass this year because of all of the injuries to the team. Against lesser talent today the offense was able to execute the plays and that made the play calling seem good for a change. I want to see Illingworth get to play a decent amount of time in the bowl game. I think a good match would be OSU vs North Carolina.

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By making excuses for Baylor u made the day meaningless for stoner. Nice old man. One thing Sanders to get the ball close enough to catch. Stoner made some great catch. Shame shame shame.

Who was that guy who said he only starts cause he’s a senior? :grimacing: Maybe he was just talking about punt returns and was bragging about Presley. Tried to tell him it’s cause we don’t really set up punt returns. Shoot, we rarely set up punt blocks except when we’re in the lead against discoTEX but got a shot to blow the game by doing so and voila, let’s try it then. That’s what you get when you don’t have something called a “Special Teams Coach”.

Anyway RE Stoner, kid’s a stud, has always been a good player for us. Didn’t drop many catchable balls thrown his way.

He probably has a chance to play on Sundays and deserves a chance to make some loot. NOPE on Gumby deserves a second chance, in the words of Butt-head, you shouldn’t get a second chance to $uck!


You misunderstood my post. I was making excuses for OSU looking so good. I am not a fan of Baylor. Just stating the obvious. The game that reflected how bad OSU has become because of injuries was the Texas Tech game. The Baylor game merely showed that Baylor was in worse condition than the Cowboys because of so many missing players. No need to read into things that are not there. And totally off base missing the entire point of my praise of Stoner. Not sure what your agenda is my friend.

I don’t. I think UNC would beat the brakes off this OSU offense. Sorry, but scoring over 40 points in their first game since Kansas against Baylor with half their team missing doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

Agreed, there was nothing great about playing a decimated team. But Stoner deserved to go out in glory and be recognized for his contributions even though Baylor did not know how to cover him because they were so deep into the depth chart. Stoner is great regardless of who they played.

You can take this how you want but my son played baseball with a player on the team that told him 90% of the players want gundy gone. He’s lost the players.

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Time to move on boys and girls.

My cousin’s mailman’s dog walker’s manicurist saw him pass out at 31 flavors last night…95% of PFB readers wish you’d just stop.

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Ah, is your feelings hurt?

Jeff if there were 90 % then everybody would know.
Is goerbal ur dad. First we all have common sense and know u hate Gundy. Jeff I know u want to believe this. Did ur son need something before he told u. I think someone got played, not us.