Disney - for parents of daughters

Hello! Those of us who are parents know we need to stick together. I offer the following advice not as a sneaky self compliment (it was soooo hard finding the right kale for the lunch smoothie!) but as a poor sucker just trying my best to minimize the mistakes my daughter will be telling her therapist about later in life.

So my daughter is now 10, and I work from home. When she is home from school there can be a lot of tv time. I’m not proud of it, but it’s context for what I have learned. The shows where kids are snarky and the parents are dumb turn her into a brat. I know that sounds logical (and I feel a bit stupid) admitting it… Here’s the thing though - those are almost all DISNEY shows. Liv & Maddie, Jesse - you think “these are Disney shows with strong female main characters, they should be good.” They aren’t. All my Dad friends with similar aged daughters all say the same thing, and I wish one of us would have said something 4 years ago.


Disney sucks I’m afraid. I read (on the internet fwiw) that the man who invented the tv wouldn’t allow one in his house as he saw it becoming a brainwashing device . Steve Jobs said that he wouldn’t give his kids smartphones too so there’s that .
I have a daughter that just turned 1 and after she was able to turn around In the high chair my wife and I stopped watching/“playing” jeopardy . So far she’s really only seen a couple OSU games in her short life but I do wonder what to do in the future .

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Thanks for that. I notice that’s an issue with a lot of shows. I haven’t noticed it so much with Liv & Maddie, so hopefully I haven’t just become numb to it. Jesse, it does seem like anyone over 30 is a complete doofus.

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