Division-II Tight End Ian Edenfield Commits to Oklahoma State

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It’s the second tight end the Cowboys have gotten from the portal.

Either Ian doesn’t mind being a 99% blocking Cowboy Back, or Gundy promised him a good share of attempts.

You did see how many catches he has coming in
I think he will be fine.

This is get close to the last guy to get.


You know they say rumors are only rumors. But it’s looking more evident we really are going heavy on the offensive play sets. I don’t usually take much from locked on oklahoma st but I think Cody Stovall maybe onto something about this. He and a couple others think the reason for the loss of wr’s is because of this. Some about only x amount of receivers in the formation is causing guys to get shuffled around on the depth chart. I feel like the diamond formation and some heavy set pistol might cover up or fix somethings. Crap I remember almost in old football all you saw was I formations, single backs, and pro-set. I got excited as heck just seeing shotgun formations lol. What do you think or heard?


Seems like a nice get tho

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Two tight ends that might help shore up blocking for our OL. Didn’t we have a tight end by the name of Charles Johnson that played a little OL in the NFL?

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You’re probably right. Going to see more 12 and 13 personnel ala Iowa State when Purdy, Kolar, etc. were playing.

And you do realize that “…how many catches he has coming in” is meaningless if he joins an offense that won’t throw the ball to him nearly as many times?

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I like what I see in the video. Good blocker with soft hands. He’s not going to run away from anybody, but he appears to not shy away from, even look for physical contact. You pair him with a quick slot receiver, which we happen to have, and you can create speed vs size problems for the defensive secondary.

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Lol really. He catch 4 passes last year. I know this all goes back to woods. I will say this one more time. Woods not having more catches had as much to do with sanders and woods as with gundy.
First how many drops did woods have.
If it wasnt a play that was a timing pass, sanders still had troubles finding open receivers. We had Wallace and stoner. Out of those 3 your wanting to take passes away from them.

He had a great year at virginia and Virginia threw the ball 15 times a game more. So it was a free for all. I still think woods would have had a great year here, for various reason. The biggest thing that helped woods was the perfect score at pro day.

Its still goes back to what we need. You can pull your te out on running plays.

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Better than division 3 I guess. Gundy doing better.

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Must be out of NIL money.

Not it doesn’t. You just want people to believe that BS argument you’re making because you’re flat out wrong about Woods. He wasn’t getting drafted even if he stayed at OSU. Just take the licks like a man and move on. You sound weak.


Joy i saw wood drop passes. I say wood completely open. What for god sake did gundy have to do with wodds not getting a catch on those plays.

Like i said with all the recievers hurt on 2021 and logan carter out for the whole year why won’t wood not get more catches. Up in the 20 or 30.

I know that no one has a twin like you billy. But, you and joy. Argue the same exact why. Repeatedly denying thing, deflecting and just ignoring stuff. I also never find someone beside you 2 to be stung on woods as much as you.

I know you hate gundy. Seriously dnt you think woods would have been get passes with the recievers down to its 9th reciever that was a walkon. Wouldn’t make since with out logan woods would get more catches. We threw a te pass in the title game. You dnt think if he caught that to win the title game he wont get draft with a perfect score on pro day. Just stop joy

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“If it wasnt a play that was a timing pass, sanders still had troubles finding open receivers. We had Wallace and stoner. Out of those 3 your wanting to take passes away from them.”

Perhaps, just perhaps Sanders or any of our QB’s would find it easier (note I didn’t say easy) to have open receivers if we had, and actually regularly used, an addition receiving threat for the D to account for. Additionally, using your logic no team who has capable receivers should really need a functioning TE because the coaches wouldn’t want to take passes away from them. It’s a formula that’s worked for many other successful teams.


Ive seen woods open and sanders was still on another reciever eyeing him down. This times would have been great to hit woods. Also woods dropping passes never help. Woods being pulled on run plays didnt help.

Now you saying every team has to use a te to win. Well woods got 44 passes at Virginia on a 6 and 6 team. I would credit wood in 1 game as playing a major role. They also threw the ball 15 more times.

I guess if you think gundy told sanders not to throw it to woods you would prove your point.

Ive given good reason for woods doing more in 2021.

I fact is transfering work for Woods.

Even with your great grammar i say yes. You actually said a fact. Not sure why. Just so you could play. Captain obvious strikes again

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No dog in this fight, but it is absolutely hilarious that you took the time to rip someone’s grammar. I had to spend a considerable amount of time deciphering what it was you were trying to say. Is the 28 next to your name representative of your IQ?


Been a well since youve been on. That was pure sarcasm to jug. Unlike you guys i can read typos and other minor grammatical errors. For the most part they can too, until they dnot have an argument.

Seriously do you want be known as a small person that tries to make points on grammar or being a genius that can read poor grammar.

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