Do stars matter

A bunch of guys want more 4 star guys. With the new numbers we have 6 4 star recruits. With epps being a rival 4 star. I’m sure no one we thank gundy for doing what alot of u want. Better recruits a title game and a big 6 bowl.

On another note isu has a chit load of players going to the portal including their top safety who was co defensive poy. With the others live to the pros it will be tuff to see them going to the title game.

Update isu is up to 10 in the portal and 2 starters. Plus a couple of decommits lately.

Stars aren’t the be all end all, but if you want to win the National Championship you have to have them. You can definitely win a conference title without them, but the next step is impossible without them.

3 of the 4 teams in the playoffs have blue chip ratios over 50%, Alabama and Georgia are 1 and 2 with 84 and 80% of their rosters made up of blue chips respectively. Michigan is at 58%. Frequently all 4 teams have been teams with more than 50% of their rosters made up of blue chips. When a team below 50% makes the playoffs, they are almost always blown out. So far, Oregon over FSU is the only win by a team with below 50% over a team over 50% in the playoffs.

This year, of the 16 teams with more than 50% of their rosters made up of blue chips, 9 finished in the top 25. Of the ones who did not finish ranked, 4 fired their coaches, 2 more are in the first year with a new coach.

I would posit that because of the Covid year, teams that do not normally recruit at this level may have been able to level the playing field a little, half of the final regular season top 10 is teams below 50%, whereas last year the top 7 were over 50% and 8 of 10 were.


I was wonder how people thought about our class of recruits

I sure everyone understand the more stars u have the better u can do.
I was really wanting people to talk about this class and the increase of stars.

As a general matter, it’s good to have a 4 star QB and a 4 star OT in this class. Shoring up the OL should definitely be priority #1.

It’s weird u gave us 4 paragraphs on the general rules of better recruiting. But, 2 sentences about our recruiting class.

I have more opinions about the big picture than looking into the specifics of any recruiting class.

The big picture is nice if u can duplicate it.
The problem is talking about Alabama is irrelevant.
The lil pics is what osu needs to Excell at.

First, I firmly believe that you can turn a 2 star recruit into a first round draft pick. But, I think the idea is that you are less likely to have a dud if you are mostly getting 4 and 5 star guys. Stars aren’t everything, see Bobby Reid or XLK and it doesn’t mean they won’t get seriously injured before making an impact like Kye Staley (played and contributed but the injury really limited what he was able to do in college).

In this class, I think you have to at least acknowledge the progress. Its the highest class average rating that we have ever had, from what I can see. The real issue with any class though is, does this bring in guys to fill the holes we have or will have? I think this class does a decent job of that. I would like to see a safety in this class but we had 4 in last years class.

What I like most about this class is size and not just stars. With the Oklahoma Gatorade Player of the Year as the exception, this class is full of guys that are the right size for their position. Historically we have always had a few players somewhat out of position. Like a 5’10" safety playing outside linebacker. Blue chip teams have always been able to create a bad mismatch against those smaller players but I don’t see that being the case with this class of recruits or this team in general going forward.

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Yes on the offensive side it’s about the most balanced as u can get. I do think some will play sooner then later.
U are rite on the size of the defensive guys. It may be 3 years before we see these guys. But that helps being low recruits they dnt have any where to go.
Would have liked a safety and another lb.
If the coaches a happy with who is coming back I say use the last scholarships to fill out the defense

Well this is big desean brown final got his ou offer. Which we all know he was wanting. And Nagel gave ou as getting him. 2 days later he has osu getting him.

This is big. If it goes this way. I’m not a fan that he is an ou fan. He is a good recruit as close to a four star. Actually know he has a ou offer he should be a 4 star.
That would be 2 pretty good players that could soon then their 4th year.
I’m not big on numbers but if we ended up higher then 30 with a small class it would be a serious blow to gundy haters.