Do the Math: Kasey Dunn Looks Like the Next OSU Offensive Coordinator

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A reset after the hiring of Tim Rattay.

Logical for sure, but as you said college football is anything but logical. I’m at a loss to think of why they haven’t named Dunn the OC.

He wasn’t the best option last year and was barely on the radar before MY, but now he’s going to Turn it around.

Is winning a conference title a real goal or is it just to shoot for 9 or 10 wins and the real goal is to make a bowl? The last few years and with the current line of coaches, I don’t think they plan to work that hard. They just want to put an offense on the field that can score some points but not going to spend any extra time trying to recruit or get a coach that will change things up.

First and foremost, somebody buy ar1 a beer.

Secondly, man I wish Gundy could be more like Boynton!

Now for some hard hitting journalism. Souces (the voices in my noggin) tell me, that Dunn is the associate head coach. As-in Dunn does the CEO crap and pays attention to what the Defense is doing so Gundy can go back to being the OC/Playcaller…

You heard it here first!

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Monken could still be on board. Make him OC and RB’s coach. You only have to get one kid, maybe two per year and can’t be any worse than our current RB coach.