Dominic Richardson Threw His Hat in the Ring to Be OSU’s RB1

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OSU’s true freshman had an historic day against Baylor.

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That’s the 4th back go over 100 this season. Is it Gundy’s great recruiting or his great offensive game plan

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Rush Defense Rankings:

TCU- 27th
Baylor- 81st
Tech- 90th

Those are the final rankings for rush defenses that Jackson and Richardson have faced. Look…I’m not trying to take away anything from Jackson or Richardson but their best games have been against the two worst rushjng defenses in the league not named Kansas.

Against TCU the pokes averaged 3.7 ypc as a team and Jackson had 4.0 ypc against TCU. Not bad, but as a team we can’t run the ball against anyone with a decent run defense. I’ll wait until next season when we are in the 5th or 6th game of the season to really judge how good the running game is going to be.

So you think running Off Tackle in a bunched up formation or between the guards 40 times a game is great offensive game planning?

I knew i get a reaction. It’s like shooting rats in a barrel. I know u can’t control it. By just reply u did put down both those back the line and all good cowboys. Ur like a manchild or is it just a child. Need to think before u write.

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Not sure how many runs we had I think most were at the end. But 40 run 30 pass no bad.

So having a career day against two of the worst rushing defenses in the power 5 is considered putting down the backs?

Could it possibly be the fact those rush defenses suck and everyone has been able to run all over them? I never said anything negative about the players themselves.

The only thing I did was point out the fact that besides TCU they haven’t faced a rush defense that’s been decent at stopping the run.

I never said running the ball 40 times was bad. I just think it’s bad to design run plays that even fans know exactly where the ball is going before it’s even snapped. Only makes it that much easier for opposing players and coaches.

The only thing u pointed out was r two backs only can run against bad defenses. Stop while ur ahead joe

I pointed it out because that’s what has been proven so far.

I dnt know what games u watch but between the tackle is not all r runs plays. Well yea wood run was.

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Joe dnt forget the oline ur putting down also.

Neither, it’s playing teams that are missing 40 players.


You can’t go there… People will eat you up.

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But he did well.

I ain’t scared of these yahoos. I wrote to get them fired up :upside_down_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent::neutral_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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I know… But we really need to fire Gundy because he can’t recruit, develop O-line players or keep his RB’s healthy. Needs to work on his defensive secondary for certain games as well… Oh yea SPECIAL TEAMS… did I miss anything else?

I never said Gundy was jesus. Unlike riley. I would like everyone to go to the other 9 school and check what their fans r saying.
I know recruit were down but I like these last to class( no matter the rank.
He got Dickey for the line. No would thought we would lose 5 lineman. How many sack or rushes did they have last 3 games either out Jenkins. Only the center may leave. Plus we have more.
I do hear what is said some may be real. Im worried about next yr, with defence.
Alot of there stuff is over obsessive fanaticism.
When I go to a buffet I may try something new, if didn’t like it just don’t eat it.thats not how u do a coach.