Dominic Richardson, Trace Ford Enter the Transfer Portal

More players I’d rather not leave, but:

  1. the consensus here and elsewhere is that Ollie Gordon is the future “lead dog” for the Cowboy ground game. If so, Richardson’s move portends this is exactly what’s happening. Richardson has no interest in re-assuming a back-up role and that’s okay. Good luck to him.

  2. Man, I love Trace Ford. He’s dealt with so much. If he needs to go, man, go. Be huge and get paid. You deserve it! (Although a huge part of me wishes he would stay in Stillwater and simply turn in his football jersey for a baseball jersey!)


Well lacy is gone too if he goes to the senior bowl. Means he is going pro

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It’s funny watching you hold on to a lost cause in this late gundy era lol. Your like a little kid with no way to reason reality but through all of this you won’t take my bet and put your money where your mouth is. Poor poor poor Roberto. Lol next year you’ll try to tell everybody why we didn’t go to a bowl game is because other reasons than the head of the snake.

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Jeff im posting this time to tell im not posting you again
Until you actually say somthings. Im not sure went the last new statement you have said. If you actually read my post they are all different depend on the artical or who im posting too. Yours are blah blah. Did tom cruise get rainman to fo anything? No. So i know i cant get you too.

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If gundy is still there than there is nothing else is worth talking about because it will be the same thing year in and year out. For you to have as much to talk about other than problems with the program tells me you have nothing to talk about but lies. You talk about the same lies over and over and over just like I talk about how gundy is holding this program back. It’s just funny all these years you still are hopeful that gundy is going to be a really good coach and recruit better some day. Lies that you keep hanging on to.

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Well said. I hate to see either of them go but Trace just can’t stay healthy and Dom maybe seeing the writing on the wall. What I have loved the last few years is how many of the Oklahoma kids have come to Stillwater to play. I hate watching the local guys leave but I believe that even with all the departures we are still looking strong for the future. But it does put pressure on portal recruiting this year to refill the depth between what we are losing both in the portal and eligibility wise.


jeffy you are like a broken record with the same ole chit. No one listens to you, you don’t add anything but Gundy bonked your girlfriend. Bill, aka joy , you and jug are the most negative personalities on here. Maybe try sticking to the topic, no one listens anyway. Go email Weiberg and get a response from him maybe, then tell us what he tells you

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