Dominic Richardson, Trace Ford Enter the Transfer Portal

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OSU’s leading rusher and a talented edge rusher have entered the portal.

Jesus Christ almighty

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At this point, I’m honestly expecting Collin Oliver and Kendal Daniels to change their minds and hit the portal.


Ouch…ok…this can stop!!

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Not too worried about Dom but damnit Ford hurts a lot.

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They all seem really excited about guaranteed wrong bowl.

This hurts

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Wake me up when December ends


I think gundy is stepping away.

Or am I dreaming.

Something is either really wrong with coaching or they know or think they can get some money somewhere. One of the two.

Dom doesn’t hurt that much to me, Ford ( if he could stay healthy) is a loss , just don’t know how he holds up with 2 ACLS and whatever happened this year. Wish Lacy would stay another year

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Heard it was a knee cap this year


I heard he tore his gundy. That’s the skin around the anus hole. That’s the word on the streets
anyway. Good guy and respect what he has done tho.

Dom had no future here and Ford is damaged goods sadly. Google who’s available in the portal, and there are a lot of guys at the positions we are losing who would be upgrades if we can get them. But now that Presley has gone public about coaching, Dunn needs to be fired immediately to stop the bleeding.

These aren’t bench warmers on the team that aren’t getting playing time. 2 more starters (even if Dom aka Mike Hamilton 2.0 probably shouldn’t have been) jumping in the portal is not a good look for how the players feel about the team/coaching.

I would feel bad but they have been hurt as much as they played.
Ford real is at the end. Dom mite be think he wont be no.1 back next year.

I wonder if lacy is done the said he was accepted to the senior bowl?


Dumpster fire in Stillwater today/tonight. My gosh I wasn’t expecting all this. Sanders I don’t blame. A few backups yes. But all this?? I’ve no problem with anyone transferring but it feels like our team and depth is being gutted. Hopefully our WR’s stay. Gordon and Jackson are going to be good. Is our depth at running back still okay? I wonder if these players is making a statement on offense?

Hopefully not. Our defense was still looking okay with the portal possibly till Ford threw his name in.

For a good amount of time the defense didnt have ford lacy evers and harper.

Dom was out presley didnt play.

The one im pissed about is russ.

I have seen some nice graduate lineman. Get 3 of them we will be good to go. It rumored right from tulsa is coming and the nose guard from neo is coming.