Doug Blubaugh's Incredible March to the 1960 Olympic Gold Medal

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A look at one of the most incredible gold medal runs in wrestling history.


Enjoy this one and look forward to more.

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Great article. Really nice to pay homage to some of our greatest Cowboy wrestlers of the past. I think Doug died in a motorcycle accident if I remember correctly. Many of the coaches that Doug mentioned in his Hall of Fame speech wrestled at Oklahoma A&M. It’s too bad that Doug Blubaugh never became an assistant coach under Myron Roderick. He might have been a more successful replacement as head coach when Roderick surprisingly retired. Tommy Chesbro won a ton of dual meets but he could not win more than one NCAA championship and the one he did win was with guys that started under Roderick.

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The pair wrestled 13 times to decide the Olympic spot! This article from an August addition of the O’Colly breaks down the situation at their eighth and ninth matches. Each match had finished in a draw to this point. — That’s one of the wildest things I’ve ever heard related to wrestling. Thanks for this, Seth. Think you can do one on the great Yojiro Uetake? I don’t know if it’s true but I used to run a Frito-Lay route, first job after graduating, and the morning manager at QuikTrip, aging myself here since there aren’t any QTs in Stilly anymore, told me he used to see him running all the time around town. Said he wouldn’t stop till he peed in his pants…I don’t if that’s true or wives tale, lol.