Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sports This Fall: 'There's a way of Doing That'

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Football season is on the table.

Yet when Gundy says there’s a way, albeit with poor word choices, we all lose our minds.

Could not resist.


is Gundy on par with Fauci in terms of credibility?

Appears Gundy’s suggestions for testing and quarantining players is right in line with the Fauci’s plan. Porter continues to keep giving Gundy jabs in every article he writes so I have to counter jab on how uninformed Kyle Porter and “The College Football World”. aka sports bloggers are on controlling a pandemic.

No Gundy has nowhere near the credibility or expertise of Fauci but based on Gundy’s plan for his players he has much better understanding of what is the best approach than those blasting him for his comments or challenging his plan. Looks to me that Gundy was ahead of the curve and ambitious on his proposals but absolutely not “out of touch”.

I would ramble on about the hilarious hypocrisy of this post, but I’d be wasting my breath with the repetitiveness of others.

Gundy says we should get back to sports if allowed and create ways to protect the players

KB- “Gundy is a demon for what he said and He deserves a mountain of slander from the world.”

Fauci, expert in viruses, says sports should open back up as long as they take the proper precautions

KB- “YES!!! Awesome news. I’m so excited for this.”

Just perfect.

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You feel better?


Yes I agree with the hypocrisy here… I used to visit this site multiple times a day… For the last year or so I have felt I need to dislike Gundy and everything he has done for OSU Football… and Athletics in general for O State… My first OSU game to attend was in 1962… Yep I was very young and do not remember it… But Gundy has done more for Okla. State than any other coach period… I feel I am reading CNN Sports center now… BTW… I am a practicing Physician for 35 years in the state of Oklahoma and talk to my peers nationwide daily so I understand the status implicitly…

I said Gundy is not an expert like Fauci. My point was the hypocrisy of sports bloggers and internet experts trashing Gundy when they are no more an expert than Gundy but it turns out Gundy’s plan is much closer to the experts than those who attacked him. Staying at home is not the only way to approach this pandemic. By the way, I am a veterinarian with a Masters in public health and board certified in preventive medicine. I know who knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t.

Outcome bias.

Outcome bias my a$$, you know I have been on you for your uninformed attack on Gundy from the beginning because I knew that you didn’t have a clue what you were talking about. You are not man enough to admit you were wrong though! Just keep digging Kyle, the hole you are in just gets deeper and deeper.

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Yeah Kyle how DARE you criticize MIKE GUNDY, who do you think you are!?!?!? :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:Don’t you know that he is above any flaws? Every word he states is the law to which we ALL must ABIDE. When I walk on the hollowed ground that is BPS, its as though I feel the PRESENCE of MIKE GUNDY pass through me. Once at a football game I saw Gundy look up through the crowd directly at me. His GAZE caused my body to enter into SHOCK and I could not stop myself from WEEPING for the next week. And lastly those KIDS should feel PRIVILEGED and be THANKFUL to risk their lives to pump money through our state. SAD!!!

See @OSUgrad’s response above, it is in line with my view. Yes Gundy said too much. Yes it was dumb to mention money in the same breath as getting players back on campus.

But the main point of BOTH men was that if tested and sequestered properly, football could happen.