Draft info

Do we have draft predictions out for the OSU guys yet? Mock drafts, draft grades, etc.?

I don’t have any

How many guys you think will get drafted? I’m going to go optimistic and say 5… KHP, Rodriguez, Harper, Sterling, and… Sills. Warren and Martin and Holmes could go, though. Just takes one team. Did I forget anyone?

Antwine ?

Ah, yeah. We’ll probably end up with only one or two guys, but we’ll see.

Some of these guys could’ve used an extra year

Holmes was getting a look at one team. I can’t remember which

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Weighing the chances of coming back for another year and the toll that takes on your body for the chance to move from undrafted to maaaaaaybe a 6th round pick isn’t worth it. A lot of times those guys get practice squad spots anyways. Becoming an UDFA after the draft is almost always better than getting drafted in the last few rounds because you have more freedom in picking your destination and you can find a scheme that fits your play style better than just luck of the draw in the draft.


I’ve seen Rodriguez graded as undrafted, but I can’t see teams passing on him. Of course, they get really caught up on size sometimes.


Malcolm is going to get drafted.


He will absolutely get drafted. He was slotted as a draft pick before the combine / pro days and he absolutely shredded his pro day. Made the other LBs of the class look weak. I bet he could go as high as the 4th round now. He rose his already-severely-undervalued stock a ton.


I see NFL.com has only bothered to give reports on 3 players:

Rodriguez is the highest rated, but still listed as a solid backup.