'EDDIE' Review: Notes, Quotes and Thoughts from The Sutton Documentary

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Notes, quotes and thoughts from the great “EDDIE” doc.

A few of my thoughts:

  1. Watched the doc from start to finish. What a ride. Cried during some of the Kentucky stuff. Cried during the ending. It’ll get you in all the feels!!!
  2. As they showed footage of the late 90s, early 2000 Pokes, I’m naming off the guys to my parents. “There’s DG. There’s Tony Allen, I-Mac, Jason Keep (Big Dady), Brian Montanati, Terrence Crawford (back when he wore 14 and not 42)” like I’m throwing out every name I can!!
  3. Really wish they had left Trammel out of the project. He looks like such a slob! Not to mention, he’s a Sooner. If they just HAD to have one, Kelvin Sampson would’ve been incredible on there!
  4. I wasn’t sure if it would happen or not, but I was silently begging to hear Bill Teegins with the ultimate call, “The Cowboys ARE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR!” Would’ve been more tears, but oh so good!!
  5. I have so much more respect for Sean Sutton now. My goodness what he endured for the love of a father. Didn’t realize until tonight, but it sounded like Sean really didn’t want to take over for Eddie, but Eddie basically put him in a position where it almost had to happen. Sean’s postgame interview to end his final season in Kentucky was so tough.
  6. Young Patsy Sutton…is straight fire! Wow!! That is all.
  7. The ending only serves to further my anger with the hall of fame committee! Heartbreakingly and unnecessarily cruel to have kept him out for so ■■■■ long!!! He’s not there to witness his induction ceremony, can’t give a tremendous speech, and no Patsy to share it with. Just so so so sad.
  8. No other coach in America has ever so publicly and so honorably held and healed a university together in tragedy the way Eddie did after the plane crash. Surprised they didn’t spend more time on it though. I’m sure it contributed heavily to his relapse, but whoo boy is it a monumental aspect of his legacy.
    I’ll end with this: EDDIE!!! EDDIE!!! EDDIE!!!
    Hall of fame Coach and even better human being!!

The look of Eddie when he was told he didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame again was so heartbreaking.

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Overall, it was really good. My only complaint was that is wasn’t longer. A four hour documentary split into two parts would’ve been amazing.

The 2004 loss to Georgia Tech will always be harder to swallow than any oSu football loss.

The shot of Eddie at 3:17 in this clip is still the saddest coach reaction shot that I’ve ever seen. You can see all the different emotions cross his face. Mad that Lucas let Bynum to the lane, hoping the shot won’t go in, knowing that the game is over, and knowing that this was probably the best shot he’d ever have at winning a title. It’s hard to see him like that knowing that he never won the big one.

Wish I could :heart: this about 100x!!!


I wish they would have touched on Eddie physical pain that he was dealing with that lead him to succumb to Hydrocodone and Alcohol in his last year before his accident. It really didn’t touch on that and gives the impression that he started drinking right after the plane crash or his entire time at OSU. Which by all accounts, is untrue.

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Strange how choices come back to haunt you. If I remember right, seems I read after the game a day or two, Eddy saying he started to put Weatherspoon in for Lucas before the last shot… Bynum choose between us and Tech !!
We will never know will we if Eddie should have replaced Lucas
I’ve bled orange all my life, never was more proud of our basketball program than when Eddie was here. I missed work at times to watch the games. Tough, gritty, resilient teams, I loved the toughness. Football had sucked since Barry left… Eddy gave us a team to be proud of … Go Pokes !!


@michael13 as I rewatched the clip I wondered why Eddie didn’t put in a defensive replacement for Lucas, but couldn’t remember who the options were.

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Thought I had it recorded on youtube TV but apparently it didn’t. Anybody know if this will re-air?

Would’ve gone with Janavor Weatherspoon. The reason they didn’t is because they didn’t have the time to make the switch. Lucas off the floor sacrifices offense. “Spoon” off the floor sacrifices defense. Pick your poison. Just my guess.

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I thought we had just come out of timeout ? But you’re right Lucas was the offense , Spoon was better defensively. He played some important minutes during the season giving Lucas rest. Maybe Eddie thought they would go quicker being behind instead of even and needed Lucas…