Emergency Sports TV Discussion🚨

YouTubeTV user here. Where do I go?


What is YouTube dropping besides espn? If nothing else what about just doing an espn plus account?

And why is Disney pulling games right in the middle on customers last night?


Looking at trying FuboTv- anyone subscribe/tried this before?

Can I do ESPN+ and get the same stuff? Seems like they’ll ask me what provider I have for regular games.

Need that DVR- rarely start games live

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I use Hulu.


I’d rather just go back to cable at this point. I don’t want to overthink this and pay for 20 different services.

What’s the cost?

I do the bundle - Hulu with live TV, Disney and ESPN+ for around 70 a month I think.

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Yes! I have espn+ for when I travel for work. I carry a fire stick with me to watch all OSU wherever I am at in the country with my espn+ account. I also have Cox at home but if you log in with your tv provider you don’t get everything. With espn+ you get it all wherever you are

ESPN+ if I can get all games plus just keeping YouTubeTV seems easiest on the pocket?

That’s the bummer. You can join the games from the beginning when they are on, but I don’t know if you can go back and rewatch a game that was on Friday night on Sunday…. I have never tried that

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I already had ESPN+ but it was only for the random OSU games

But ESPN+ is just ESPN+ and not other ESPN channels.

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Ah - that’s what I was thinking.

I’ve never found a show that wasn’t on when I wanted to watch it? It includes the U and the OCHO… :rofl:

Is OSU Max going to stream all OSU games? I’d love to simply cut out the middle man.