Enemy Intro: The Cowboys' Final Leg Includes Bedlam in Norman

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The Sooners may be restocking, but they’ll be out for bragging rights.

Overall, I’m going with OSU having a 8-4/9-3 record.

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Yeah, I’m thinking 8-4. Our OL is going to be an issue this year.


especially with this news coming down the pipe:

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“In three years with Purdy and Hall, he mustered just one Fiesta Bowl win.”

In the last 10 years with Gundy we’ve had the following players on offense:

  • Joseph Randle (three years) NFL
  • Josh Stewart (three years)
  • Tyreek Hill (one year) NFL
  • Mason Rudolph (four years) NFL
  • James Washington (four years) NFL
  • Tyron Johnson (two years) NFL
  • Justice Hill (three years) NFL
  • Chris Carson (two years) NFL
  • Teven Jenkins (four years) NFL
  • Tylan Wallace (four years) NFL
  • Jaylen Warren (one year)
  • Blake Jarwin (four years ) NFL

And I’m sure there’s more I’m not thinking of right now. Most of those guys were on the same team at the same time for a number of years. How many NY6 bowls did we win?

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Maybe Robert can come on here and enlighten us on why this kid decided to flip his commitment to Tulane instead of playing for the best coach in OSU history.

He could just be a kid that wants to enjoy his final years of college in New Orleans …… But I’m sure it’s gundys fault

I’ll go 10-2.

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Head: 9-3. Anything 10 or above is gravy this season. Holiday vs USC or Cotton vs Kentucky. Either way, Gundy beats somebody w/ a connection to the Goons.
Heart: 15-0. We finish the job in Arlington, then crash the Big Boys Table. First, we stop Kirby Smart’s “back2back Natty’s” tour, then we send Nick Saban out to pasture w/ one last L. I’m greedy like that. :joy:

Go Pokes! See ya in the west end zone of the BooneDock.

Linebacker core took a huge hit w/o Malcolm and Devin finishing their impressive careers. We have some guys who can eventually come close to that level of play, but they aren’t there yet. Very little experience.

That 2011 o-line ain’t walking back through the door. It’s been an ongoing issue for nearly a decade and has been discussed ad nauseum. 3 or 4 new o-line coaches since 2013….God only knows how many injuries or transfers. We have quite a few experienced pieces back, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

QB1 is beginning to really come into form. If Dunn tailors the offense to suit his skill set, Spencer could be in for a Vince Young-lite type of season.

He has plenty of pass catchers. The top 4 or 5 have gotten a lot of experience the past two to three seasons. In the words of Ron White referencing his in-laws, “They’re looooooooaded!”

RB1 will be Dez Jackson, I guess? Kinda reminds me of a better Desmond Roland. Can’t remember who the backup is, but I’ve watched some tape on Ollie Gordon. Coaches would be stupid to keep him off the field. He could be elite in two years.

Tanner Brown was really, really solid last year. Don’t know the punting situation. Return game was SO MUCH more explosive last season than the last 3 seasons combined. Presley should be able to clean it up a bit, and the Pokes will be really good in that spot.

Defensive line….that is all. Just those two words. Enough said. I swear I would not trade ours for any combination of Bama, GA, Ohio St, or Michigan.

Secondary is a bit of a mixed bag. Lost A LOT of guys to graduation/portal, but our starting corners are gonna be good. Safeties and backup corners are question marks.

Cowboy Backs…Woz continues to steal from the university, meanwhile Jelani Woods is gonna go somewhere in the draft.

Offense will be better, particularly right out of the gate. Defense will probably take a step back. But maaaybe not too big a step. I love the continuity of Knowles defense through the hire of Mason. Gundy hit a home run w/ that one. Special teams will be similar or slightly improved. We may see a bit more risk-taking this season than in years past.

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Well dez Jackson doesn’t play here anymore lol it’ll probably be Richardson

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Thanks! My bad!

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