Episode 2 Recap of ESPN+ Documentary ‘Our Time: Oklahoma State Football’

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The OAN T-shirt incident comes up.

Ty Williams very disrespectful to Gundy and staff IMO. To publicly say he just committed to “secure his spot or whatever”

Of course, I hope he sticks with his commitment to the pokes. I understand nothings final until signing day, and a kids gotta do what’s best for him, but to say that publicly is very immature

That’s how offers get pulled.

yeah, feel like Gundy and Knowles need to talk to the kid behind the scenes and let him know that’s not how things work

I would almost bet my entire paycheck they already have

“I committed to secure my spot, or whatever.”

Then once Knowles and Gundy decide to pull the offer it will be “Gundy and Knowles are racist” and then “Oklahoma State football has a racist program” despite a majority of the OSU players being of the AA community. I’m already waiting for it.