ESPN GameDay Crew, Nick Lachey, Picks Oklahoma State to Defeat West Virginia

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The ESPN crew picks the the Pokes in a close one across the board.

Last time they all picked OSU (Iowa St) it didn’t go well. :grimacing:
Also Lachey was in 98 degrees, not NSync. I’m embarrassed to admit I know this but growing up 90’s…some things you just know.


You’re right, it was 98 degrees. But I think he’s meaning that Cowboy fans hate the Oak State reference and would therefore switch to being Nsync fans because Lachey called us that.

I wondered about that but I hear Oak State a lot and it doesn’t bother me. Okie State on the other hand… Also since he picked OSU I figured he meant Lachey would gain favor with OSU fans.

I like Oak State. I HATE Okie Lite!