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It’s funny how you can comprehend excuses for ou.

Explain what a bad line looks like to joy.

You got a weird obsession with schedules. Why is it bad when we play msu, but great when ou and Arkansas do. Until you can explain why other schools play week schools, then stay away from our schedule.
Our sos was 7 last year.

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Which is the weakest schedule?
(17) Boise State
Oregon State
Boise State

(23) Tennessee
(3) Ohio State
(2) Ohio State

(20) Wisconsin
(20) USC
(3) Florida State
(14) Miami that’s Florida not Ohio.

I see your picking and choosing. Msu and tulsa was not on there for 2020 season.
Let’s be serious u think ucla and Nebraska are a prime example. If so we playing Nebraska soon. They probably be better too. You never know how good teams will be when you schedule them 10 years ahead.
We had georgia on there. Got Arkansas and Alabama.
We’ve played perseason #1.

Your main grip is the fcs games. You deflected. Your on every day crying about msu. But, ignore when I ask about ou and Arkansas playing them. I can’t remember but one of the Texas school is playing usta. Lsu plays mcneese state. Very few teams dnt play fcs teams and only for a year or 2. When scheduling you got to get in with a team on the same home away rotation.

Afraid to answer the question I see. I’m fine with McNeese State and UTSA and even Central Michigan. Just not in the same year. We should try to schedule a good power 5 not one that’s been at the bottom of their conference for 10 years. Why schedule a blueblood once in 5 years.

I’ve already said playing Nebraska Arkansas and Alabama would be great but I’ll have to see it first. I guarantee Gundy will be trying to get out of it. It’s who he is. He’s done it before.

See it’s fine for other schools to schedule chit but not us. I dnt see how you can make the ou Nebraska an important game.
I dnt care who we play. The sec play some of the weeks school. Plus they play 4 non con.
So stop crying we got neb ark Oregon and Alabama coming up. Dnt live your life use the review mirror, u never see the chit u ran over.
Remember last year sos was 7th. Keep crying.

Just to prove what BS you just wrote. Again this is for anyone else who might read this (since you can’t comprehend facts.

The 3 schedules from above are the toughest non-conference game each season from 2015 to 2021 eliminating 2020 because of covid.

Schedule 1 the weakest by far. Was OSU. I will admit 2015 was a little hard with a piss poor non-conference schedule of Central Michigan Central Arkansas and UTSA.

Schedule 2 was OU, I did leave out that the same year they played (3) Ohio State they also played (15) Houston.

Schedule 3 Was Alabama, so even though they play 4 non-conference teams, they usually play a top 25 team. Something Gundy has been able to avoid every year but one.

Now back comes the moron. You can’t make a point when you just pick one thing to talk about. You didn’t mention the 3 jr highs that Alabama plays each.year.
The other point is that’s the past buddy. Pull up are scheduled for the next 10 yrs.
This is it you guys wanted a title game. Check.
You want a tuffer schedule. Check.
Your still crying.
You say nothing about r schedule last year being sos 7th.
You can write down everybody’s schedule it won’t mean anything. Last I checked we play 12 games.
I know you have shut up about msu now ou and Arkansas plays them. Just moved on to the TUFFEST GAME. They didn’t teach u debate in the horse barn.

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Tell us again how when they scheduled Oregon State how tough they thought it would be. How about how they thought UTSA or Central Michigan would be in the top 25 when we played them.

Again we schedule Oregon state what 15 years ago.
Why are you cry are we not scheduling tuffer teams.
The reason to cry would be to have change. No need for change it’s been done.