ESPN percentage

Chance to play for the national championship

  1. Alabama — 51.6%

  2. Ohio State — 50.0%

  3. Georgia — 42.9%

  4. Clemson — 25.9%

  5. Texas — 6.9%

  6. Notre Dame — 5.7%

  7. Michigan — 4.2%

  8. Oklahoma — 3.8%

  9. Pittsburgh — 2.5%

  10. Oklahoma State — 1.1%

That tells you espn likes osu and gundy more then u.
Thats great numbers for a rebuild year. Lost Knowles the best coach joy has ever since.

You had better go back to 1 and 17 stuff. When you venture into other topics it doesn’t work out for you.
Mainly your lack of knowledge.

It’s weird we dnt spend money poor location and a bad coach but place like espn gives us a chance.
Thats a better chance then riley and bb usc. What’s up there. You tell us riley can walk on water

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You’re right cause that’s 1.1% better than Kansas.

That higher odds then120 teams

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Texas doesn’t even have a 6.5% chance to cover the spread vs Kansas much less win a Natty! :joy:


Keep flapping your gums Jug, you occasionally step on your tongue but you wouldn’t know it when you did…. Lack of knowledge :joy::joy::joy:
That’s the extent of your mind

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Why do a few facts upset you so much?

They dnt bother us. It’s you who seems to hate alot of facts.
What I dnt understand is why you post this. I mean this this is a good thing for osu.

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You said “lack of knowledge “ lol …. I’m wondering myself why he posted it :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

I agree this is good news for OSU, and if I believed that we have the 10th best chance to play for a national championship, I’d be as naive as y’all. I feel we need a coach who can win the conference before we even start talking about a national championship. I also feel like there is a good chance that just winning the conference might not get us in the playoffs. Baylor for example. Even if Gundy were to win the conference this next season, he is not a coach who could win the conference once every 5 years and that’s what we need.

You really like to write. To badyou dnt rite something.

This will be interesting. Thats why all the predictions are all over the place. We will have a good year, I dnt think we will have title. Even by this deal we’re 3rd.
I have a good feeling for next year.

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Thats funny you asking some a serious question. You only care about titles and bedlam. So if you have asked someone a question they answered it a year ago.

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I think that’s the first time someone has ever said something like "we’ll get 'em next year " or wait 'till next year "
It makes you wonder where "Next Year University " came from. I think you are really on to something! Maybe you should have it put on a bumper sticker! You do have a car don’t you?

See I know gundy will be here next year.
Thats what we talk about. Your just a hateful ole man.
All you want to talk about is gundy and how he has done. I’m look realistically at the team. I feel we will be stronger next year. Not starting this year hoping for next your. But, your happy you got your stupid jr high remark in.
I’ve pick us for 10 wins overall. With alot of picks that’s still could be a title game. At 9 or 10 regular wins.

I look realistically at the team, like in 2017, a quarterback that had been in the program for 3 years a running back that lead the conference, one of the best receivers in the conference and finished 3rd. Then in 2019 a quarterback who got zero experience the year before even though he could have played 4 games and still redshirt, a running back that lead the conference and the nation, one of the best receivers in the conference and finished 3rd or 4th depending who you are talking to and that not going back to 2015 or 2013.

You claim I only care about conference titles and Bedlam, that’s right because winning those two is the only way to take the next step with this program. You can beat Missouri State and Kansas every year from now on and you won’t be any better than where we were before Gundy.

I’ve been asking these questions since 2014, do you know how many conference titles Gundy has won since then? Zero I’ll admit that I was surprised by Bedlam last season, mainly because they had went to their backup quarterback. We all know Gundy’s record against backup quarterbacks, but if you don’t remember, tell me and I’ll list them for you.

One of your problems and your stooge gfs is you see something you like and think it should be that way. Very few times do you ever take about defense. So when things never work out exactly like you see it should it’s those reasons. That’s not realistic. We have 2 other teams that can screw up.
Plenty of back up freshman qb dnt get any play time.
Expect a rb or receiver to increase there numbers is not realistic.
I have an example of how you get a hard on. You got one for corndog. When you and Joy talk about 2018 it’s like a different team. To you it’s ultimately Gundy’s coaching and 1 to 3 players fault. Or 1 bad call. Even tho there are more then 24 players out there and even dana had bad calls.

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2013 was considered the best defense Gundy has had till this year. All those close games y’all want to brag about, well good coaches win a lot of those. Good coaches don’t go 6 years without beating OU. Gundy has done it twice. The best defense in the conference doesn’t help Gundy win the conference. Going 10 or 12 years between conference titles is not the signs of a good coach. We were average before Gundy and Nebraska Texas A&M Colorado and Missouri have all left, soon Ou and Texas are leaving and we still have zero signs that Gundy can win the conference. OU was down last season Texas has been down for ten years Baylor had to use a backup quarterback. What’s it going to take? Every other team being put on probation?

We were average, because gundy was building a team.
How was ou down last year. They were picked to win a natty and a heisman. You do know the chit you blame gundy for 2 coaches choked worse last year. Riley was picked to win a natty. Didn’t make the title game. Clearly the 3rd team. Matt was picked to go to the title game, and won 7 games. Were not talking 1 game like gundy " blows". Matt had no major issues. Both had the players isu was 1 ou 2 in all big 12 players.

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OU was down because their quarterbacks were not as good as everyone expected and their offense line wasn’t as good. That’s what down means. The difference is, when teams are down several years in a row, at other colleges the coach gets fired. Here at Next Year University we just brag about wins over McNeese State and make excuses for loses to Central Michigan.